Easy Hour at the King's Fish House

I was planning on heading over to the Cheesecake Factory but picked a new place for dinner - King's Fish House, and I had asked what the "happy hour" specials were and the lady laughed and told me that their "easy hour." specials were . . .

Just something that amused me that they had a different name for something I thought was universal here.

Airline Tickets are Expensive

Several months ago, I responded to a spam email from a woman overseas because I was curious about how the scam works. We emailed for a bit and then finally started the IM thing. She told me that she had been through some tough times and her mom had a stroke and it had depleted her savings. She was coming to America to make a career with an agency.

I was waiting to see how long it would be for the request for money and it didn't take long. Here's our last conversation that ended very abruptly.

her: good morning my love
me: hehe morning!
her: did you sent the money?
me: There is a problem with Western Union.
her: try again i am wanting be with you in. Please please send fast
me: $5,000 is a lot of money. I only have $14.40 in my bank account. I can send that.
her: your friends help you for money so we together?
me: I owe them money so I don't think they will.
her: agency is loaning 3000 today. Ipay you back 2000 with my job from agency work
me: Ok. I will send $20.00.
her: NO sum is 2000.00 or We won't together if you won't help. Are you understand this?
me: Can you wait until November? I sell cans back for $1.55 a pound; I can use the money from that to buy your ticket!
her: [disconnects chat]

Haven't heard from her since! Have you gotten any of these e-mails?

Objectionable Content

Have you ever used the FLAG BLOG button when you're browsing blogger?

Synergy Advances to Semi-Finals

The 9:00 a.m. game started overcast and as soon as the sun came out, 6 runs followed. It started off when Heather with an ugly pop-fly that should have been caught wasn't. She stole her way to third and squeezed into home with a hook slide - safe. She went 1-3 but the rally was on. They won 6-2 over Armando's team. Synergy had lost to them earlier in the season so this was payback.

An ambulance was called in to the T-Ball field because a spectator wasn't feeling well. An odd thing to see an ambulance driving on the fields. I hope she's alright.

They now play the Lady Barons coached by John. A win here and they go to the championship game next Saturday. Haven't been to one in rec season since 2002 - Yikes!

Heather changed real quick and we went to the grass volleyball tournament. The field right next to the freeway by San Diego High School. Only access is through a tunnel to by the City College gym. Heather only missed one match (they had lost) then two matches left and they won.

A weird mixture where the 3rd set, they had a "friendly" game in which they mixed players from the teams to play.

HER Boyfriend Called ME

Interesting day for me. I'm not sure what I'm feeling at the moment, but I know that she has it really bad, and I could have made it worse after I received a phone call today from him on her phone. But I didn't...I'll let you know Monday what I'm talking about.

I'm thinking of what to do!

4/30/07: I still don't know what's going on with all this after all this, so I'm using my own advice that it's easier to cut a thread than to saw through a chain.

Hang Out Spots

Time to go back to your high school days! Is there a relationship between where you hung out during breaks in high school to where you ended up in life?

Our school had the stoner/smoker tree, the ASB, the club hang outs, cafeteria, front lawn, in the back (make-out) corner, courts, benches, detention, parking lot, Senior lawn, concession area, etc...

Another Grand Slam

Pretty nice work in one week - two grand slams. Mariah did it against Chula Vista on Wednesday and today versus Otay Ranch (Becky). Deep left over the fence! Bonita won 6-1. The Union Tribune newspaper interviewed Mariah after the game. Boy was she pumped up!

San Diego Union Tribune Article

Kevin Trudeau - Natural "Cures"

Have you ever been up late and turned on the TV and seen those infomercials on Natural Cures, More Natural Cures, and now the Weight loss Cure? Been curious as to what's inside?

I was, so I headed to my favorite bookstore, and took a seat. Just look in the disease and weight loss section. Now, let's get back to the secrets...

Remember, the infomercial is hook #1, then you buy the book (hook #2) that really doesn't give you the 'whole' picture on the cures, but directs you to the website (hook #3) that tries to get you to finally look behind the curtain (for a small fee of course) to see the great OZ! But wait! Isn't that why you bought the book?

The price is $9.95 per month or $999 for a lifetime membership. Great marketing! Look him up on Google and see what you find.

Secrets? Let me see...Exercise, eat healthy, get plenty of rest, relax, reduce stress, etc...Did I just spill the beans? Or, are these these "common" sense? Oh, there is a mention about nude sunbathing!

Tomorrow, I'm going to tell you the secrets of "Getting Rich! What 'they' don't want you to know."

Attacked by a Swarm of Bees

I'm driving to lunch and I see a huge swarm of bees! THOUSANDS of them were flying right towards me in my car. Next thing I know, my entire windshield has bee guts all over it. It reminded me of how my car looks after a half country drive, but all condensed into one second! It looks pretty nasty. I didn't even attempt to use the wipers on it, because then it would have been a smeared mess! The hose will be brought out tonight.

Pet Peeves

I'm going to be adding to this post as I think of them, or get some from you guys, but these are some that just came to my mind.

  1. Have you ever gotten a MySpace friend request and they have their profile private, and no message from them letting you know who the heck they are?
  2. How about going to someones profile and their song scares the crap outta ya?
  3. People that signal millimeters from the turn.
  4. Slow drivers (below speedlimit) because they are talking on their cell.
  5. Not putting on a new roll of toilet paper, but putting it on top of the empty one.
  6. Men that leave the toilet seat up.
  7. People that say -Like- like 50 times in one sentence.
  8. Women that hog the entire bathroom counter with all their cosmetics.
  9. People that bring their brats to the movies.
  10. My friends eating all my candy and never buy none.
  11. The way people chew gum all ghetto.
  12. Boys farting and they think its funny. Its gross guys.
  13. That I go to your dumb blog everyday when you don't really have a main topic.
  14. When you guys can't freaking pick a channel. Just watch something for once!!!!!
  15. People that say uh huh but aren't even listening to you.
  16. People holding up the (order) line because they are talking on a cell.
  17. People trying to find exact change to pay cashier, every last penny.
  18. People who talk on their cell phones in elevators, post office, at the cashier at starbucks..no one is interested in their private lives!!!! hate them. Its RUDE.
  19. Eating and leaving the mess for me to clean up then asking me to hurry up so we can do things.
  20. When my laptop battery indicator says 20 min and then it shuts down now.
  21. My husband inviting his friends on O U R date night.
  22. People that ask me to read their blog but don't read mine.
  23. re: the toilet paper; people who put the roll on, but put it on BACKWARDS, as in, the paper comes down the back by the wall where you have to claw to get at it, as opposed to over the top, like a waterfall.
  24. People that change my toilet paper to their liking when they visit MY APARTMENT.
  25. The kids leaving half their soda in the can and getting another.
  26. Friends that ask me to comment on their pix and don't comment me!
  27. Husbands who "do the dishes" by putting them in the sink, not in the dishwasher.
  28. Events scheduled on Sundays....church day!!!
  29. Kitty Litter "Pearls". They go all over the place, however they do absorb the odor and work well
  30. Co-workers who talk different languages in the office on the phone or to other co-workers so no one can understand them!!! Hey, we live in the USA!!!!
  31. My boyfriend leaving his clothes on the floor. It only takes a second to put them away.
  32. Not squeezing the toothpaste tube at the bottom.
  33. Leaving all the lights on when nobody is in the other rooms.
  34. When people can't remember the joke they are telling and mess it all up.
  35. Mexico plate drivers going like 50 in the fast lane.
  36. Driving my car all week and then not putting gas in, and then when I fill it, then someone wants to borrow the car again.
  37. Women putting on their make-up while driving.
  38. My wife changing the radio station when I am listening to it.

Help me add to the list! I'll post it here as I get them. Items in green were sent to me.

Order Cable Channels Individually

Cable and Satellite providers always tout how many channels they have in their line-up. But, how many do people actually watch? Really! They give you 600 channels and what do you hear - "There's nothing on!" That won't change but I think that you should be able to able to pick the channels you want, and lower the price. This plan would have an other effect, channels that nobody ordered would eventually go away.

You would get those standard local channels and then you get to choose "ALA CARTE," all the rest of the channels. It's already done with the premium channels -HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, etc...so it wouldn't be difficult.

While you guys are at it, fill the screen on the TV. It's possible to tell when the signal goes from HD to standard. Just do it!

Oh, since I'm on this, have another option on the selection guide -"Change channel to view show." How many times have you set a reminder for a show and missed the little pop-up, sound, etc because you were doing something else. This way, your show would come on automatically after your little pop-up. Of course, you get a yes, no option. :)

Think it would work?

Daily Recap

My friend hadn't picked up her laptop because of schedule conflicts, plus with all the gazallions of updates didn't have it ready anyway. She stopped over after work and gave me a blank check because we couldn't remember how much it was. She wants me to set up her router at her house later on this week. We got a quick bite to eat and then I headed over to volleyball practice.

Christy asked that I toss balls at the girls while she coached them. I tossed a "short" ball at Heather and it re-opened a knee owie, I felt bad because I hurt my kiddo. The team really liked that I set the them "5's" for spiking drills and the they were really CKDing the ball (Crush, Kill, Destroy). An excellent way for the girls to let out some frustration. I get a kick how before each practice they circle up and have their own daily recap telling each other what problems, issues, or just plain gossip they have to share.

I also saw a friend of mine from college and he now coaches volleyball at Otay Ranch. Plus, a mutual friend had just found me on mySpace just recently.

More and more executive type decisions are popping up - think long run, big picture, cause of problem, solutions!

I wanted to stop by Krispy Kreme and let them know that their fruit filling skills are lacking because several of mine didn't have any fruit! I saw the the little hole but nothing in there I ate the whole thing, it wasn't hiding.

Softball Play-Off's winding down finally. Congrats Mariah on hitting a GRAND SLAM versus Chula Vista!

And...you're welcome for the sudoku stuff, thanks for visiting.

First Sudoku Post

I finally posted the sudoku puzzle, since all you started to ask me about it! :) I'm not sure if I did it right or not. Let me know if it's ok, or not. The solution will be posted tomorrow.

Constructive criticism is welcome. Hmmm...

I love that hill

Well, that's not exactly true, but since I have to face it every lap I might as well psyche myself into making the best of it: "I love that hill, it will make me stronger!" :)

I hadn't run since Thursday night and I didn't feel like it tonight either but I just got my shorts, running shoes, and got my butt out the door. The sky was very clear, and I could see the stars glimmering. It wasn't cold enough for the gloves but I wore them anyways. No dogs, nobody, it was really quiet. There are four lights out, and one that is possessed and turns off and on at weird moments. I miss Gwen Stefani practicing at Coors; my friend told me that it was her the past week. Evidently she wanted to practice in the same conditions that the concert would be taking place.

Someone left their car headlights on...I rang the doorbell, but nobody came out. So, they're gonna wake up to a dead battery.

I beat my individual sprint lap (lap 7 of 8), but was slower on my overall time. Oh, well. It had to happen since I knew that I couldn't keep lowering my times.

5:13 -7

Art Walk San Diego

I got invited to go to the Art Walk in Little Italy, San Diego. So, I've got plans for this Sunday. I'm excited about going and getting something to eat downtown, too.

I HAVE to take that photo down by the Broadway pier that I want so that I can post it here. If it's clear, then head over to the little spot in Coronado so I can take a San Diego Bay photo. You've probably seen them, but I want to take my own.

What do you have planned for this weekend?

Synergy Wins

All the other teams in every division had already played except for us. I wondered how the girls would take their week off. Well, Heather leading off (1 for 3) got a single off a hit to deep center and then got hit in. 2-0 for a long time. They only scored one more run to make it 3-0. Overall they played a nice defensive game, and play Saturday at 9:00 a.m. If they lose they then play at 1:00 p.m. I think Heather won't go to that one because of the volleyball tournament and also because Karch Kiraly is going to be there. I'm surprised that she knew who he is...

Overheard at the soda fountain

I had just finished getting my drink from the soda machine and a couple came up next to me. this is what they said, or something to the same effect.

Girl: Uh, honey what do you want?
Guy: Diet Coke, please.
Girl: Uh no, I heard that is more badder for you and you will get fatterer.
Guy: Laughs. No that's why it's called DIET, duh, and that's why people with diabetes can only drink that.
Girl: But the news said that like it was though.

What have you overheard that sounded funny?

Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

We went to Fry's on Sunday and I bought myself a game! We also got a 2GB memory card and watched the tail end of the Lakers game on the 55"

I've installed the game but haven't played it. I was just too tired to learn all the stuff at that very moment. I got home from VBall (Coach Christy gave me a team shirt for helping out), Softball and watched "Heroes" and zonked out right there on the couch. I woke up about 5:00 a.m. and the TV screen saver was on. I missed my run, oh darn. :)

Heather has her first play-off game TODAY against Ross ("Da Bomb") and she told me they have to win because she has a dance on Thursday! Our first grass Volleyball tournament at 9:00 a.m this Saturday and a 9:00 a.m. softball play-off game, IF they win. Hmmm. What to do? Based on my logic, I'd go to the softball game, then hustle to the rest of the volleyball games (downtown 17 miles away) after that since VBALL isn't play-off time yet. But that's me...

Everything is set for All-Star season with all the tournaments set. Only thing now is to see if she decides to try-out for 14U (Moves Up), or trys out for the 12U (age appropriate). There's always that uncertainty as the girls ask each other what they are going to try out for.

If she doesn't make it then maybe we can play some mixed doubles beach volleyball, huh? :)

Your Baby Can Tell You Something

Friday, I was heading to the Bonita -v- Eastlake game, but it cancelled due to the rain. So, I went to the book store and sat in my usual spot. I saw and then heard a lady get REALLY frustrated with her baby because she wouldn't stop crying. The baby looked at her mom and just started crying louder!

I put down my book and just wondered at what age babies "understood." I searched the aisle and found several books but chose this one to look at because I didn't need a doctoral dissertation on the matter, just something to see how difficult it would be to teach a child to sign.

I read the whole book, and figured the baby probably could have "told" mom what was wrong, if they had worked on some simple signs. If I'm ever a dad again, I'll be sure to try this out. Or, maybe... I'll ask one of my friends to see if I can test this!

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Baby Sign Language (More Info)

Do you think this really works?

I saw other people at the book store that were at the game. I got introduced to a friends mom and spoke a little Spanish, but ended up getting teased about it the next day.

Daily Sudoku Puzzles

Starting Really Soon...like in a couple of days or so! I have created; get this - SAMDOKU! It will have a daily sudoku puzzle (Easy, Med, Hard), and puzzle solutions will be posted the next day. Ya just have to wait. Oh, it will be Pacific Time. K?

Many of my friends are hooked on sudoku, so I decided to give them their daily fix for FREE on my bloggie! I hope you enjoy the fruits of a geeky programmer. Exercise for you brain is good!


EOS 30D 8.2MP Digital SLR Camera (with 18-55 mm Lens)

My friend asked me if I could get something for them and since I just say, "uh huh," I'm ordering the camera for them. I looked up the prices and I noticed that I can get the camera WITH a lense and no shipping charge for less than most places have it without a lense. Interesting isn't it? I guess it shows how much profit they have to play with.

But since, they aren't shooting sports, I'm REALLY recommending the Rebel xTi - More MEGAPICKLES and less moola for THEIR use and need.

$1,188 USD (IM from international mentioned I didn't mention what country) See what I got myself into?

Oh, I just saw a Sigma 14+ megapixel camera for $1,700. Just amazes me how quickly the pixel count has gone up and will continue rise, and the memory cards have to keep up.

Playing Softball in the Kitty Litter Box

It rained very hard on Friday and for quite a long time. The fields were messed up so with a full day of play-off games scheduled, we scrambled to get the place half decent at least to play. True die-hards!

We were down to only 10 giant bags of the turf dirt to help soak up the moisture, and we ran out. Game time was only 20 minutes away and the decision is made to go to Petco and buy about 15 giant bags of kitty litter! Yup, exactly what you think it is -"Poop Dirt!" Used it all up on the infield and only delayed the game 20 minutes or so. All the games were played everyone was happy.

It did look funny with coaches standing in the middle of the pile of litter. Lots of jokes made about that. :)

We had a "bye" and don't play until Tuesday night.

Instant Message Me!

Greetings Everyone! My Google Adsense tells me that about 300-350 of you visit everyday. It doesn't say who, from where, or anything like that - just visitors. Why you visit? I dunno. Or maybe, it's one person refreshing the screen over and over! lol.

Based on that info, I set up an experiment to see how long it will take to get at one contact from each state, or country maybe two or three from large metro areas to add me or IM me. Here are my screen names for the experiment:

  • Yahoo - SamzBlog
  • Hotmail - SamzBlog
  • AIM - SamzBlog
  • GoogleTalk - SamzBlog
  • ICQ - 460334277

I'll post the progress. I may not answer immediately if I'm not here, but I will answer you, when I return.

How long do you think it will take? (Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years, Never, Dude this is stupid!)

12:45 p.m. Got (Many International)/National IMs already. I'm predicting Weeks.

Time to Change Stocks People

Well, maybe. It's earnings season and it's a good time to take a look at your portfolio. Some companies have peaked and the ride is over. I'm not an expert so don't blame me! :)

Todays Stuff

I'm tired so this is gonna be quick! Fish Market was good! Ate on the second floor and had a corner seat so that we could get a nice bay view...Yummy. It's the first time that I'd noticed that GIANT new statue of a replica of the famous Navy guy kissing the nurse from Time Life after WWII. I already have a photo that I'm planning on taking there.

I forgot my badge, and luckily security knows me and I had no hassles. I visited more people today and I got compliments on both my weight and being dressed up. The ladies told me that they would make sure that I looked nice...uh.

Happy 18th Birthday, Ria! How time flies...Next stop, Oklahoma State Cowboys. We'll have up to five years to come watch one of you games live, huh, or see you on ESPN!

A guy scared me on my run tonight, he was wearing one of those full suits with a hood that make you sweat. He just popped around the corner and ran on people's lawn. No burning space debris today unlike last night. Haven't seen a mention on the news about it.

My idea about instant warnings via communication device is being implemented already and looked at by other institutions. Adapt quick!

5:20 -4

The Fish Market

My friend has been planning a luncheon for a long time now. They planned it but I picked the place. It's on the bay downtown San Diego. We're gathering our friends and having a get together just for the heck of it. I would've chosen Friday since it's a little more lax, but we've invited the boss! lol

No lunch time blogging for me tomorrow; after my night time run, probably. Oh crap! I didn't finish loading up the laptop. Now, I'm in trouble! Good Night! I can't wait for that dang phone to start ringing in the morning, and scarying the heck outta me. If I'm totally out of it, I answer it...DOH!

What wakes you up in the morning? (Buzzer, Music, Phone, Pet, Partner, Nothing, etc..)

Synergy pulls off a TRIPLE PLAY

The play-offs started last Saturday and everyone in the Major division was waiting for "Synergy" to play "Babes with Bats." 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the seedings in the league tournament would be decided. Everyone showed up and the stands were full, they got to see a rare play.

Synergy was down 1-0 but tied it up 1-1 late in the game and then pulled ahead 3-1, in the 6th. In the bottom of the 7th inning, the Babes with bats, had runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs, with their #3 hitter at bat.

Not a good situation to be in for Synergy, right? Well, the batter hit the ball to deep left, and the left-fielder caught it, for the 1st out! She threw it to second and got the second out! And finally, the second baseman caught the runner going back to 1st for the third out. A TRIPLE PLAY!

Last week Synergy loses to the LAST place team and then this week beats the FIRST place team. Go figure! Oh...Synergy finished in 1st Place. Hope they win four straight in the tourney.

Heather went 2-3 with an RBI.
5:24 -10

DOW Reaches 12800

Wow. I recently was bummed out because my investment accounts had nose-dived but now they have rebounded and taking a big sigh of relief.

Every night I get an email telling me how bad or well my portfolio did the previous day. It's good to to see a little green arrow pointing up for a change.

Now, will everyone in the market start taking profits tomorrow? (checking tomorrow after the market opens doesn't count! lol)

Blogging at Work

I carefully read my internet access rules and it doesn't say anything about blogging AND it's not blocked :) So, here I am blogging on my lunch break.

Many sites are blocked to prevent viruses, installing programs, games, etc...But, my question for you is:

What sites do you go to at work that may raise eyebrows?

Could anything have been done to stop him?

Many are wondering what could have been done to stop the massacre at Virginia Tech, but I don't think that anything could have.

The killer followed the law and filled out the required forms and showed ID. He had no criminal record so nothing would have come up on a background check. He wasn't involuntarily committed into a mental institution so that didn't raise any flags but even if he had, he mostly likely would have lied on the form. He waited the required time before the second handgun.

Iraq has shown us that a determined individual with their mind set on killing - will! Today, 171 died in Baghdad. We have over 100,000 troops and they can't stop them and the troops are looking/prepared for that.

Some instantly bring up gun control, but weapons on the streets are readily available, just as drugs are. Yes, it would have made it a little more difficult, but he had a mission.

Agree or Disagree???

Tipping the cashier

It's fish taco day!!! I do miss the fresh at home made ones, I still have the stuff but I wonder if it's nasty now. Anyway, I just got back and wondered if anyone of you out there notices this in regards to tipping. When someone leaves a tip at the cashier, they make sure that the cashier sees or hear them leave the tip. Almost like getting credit for it.

I was waiting for my order and a lady could have put the money in the little jar, but waited until the cashier was waiting/helping the next customer. She said, 'Thanks.'

What do you think?
5:34 -4

The Convocation at Virginia Tech

I'd not heard the word before but I guess at the university level you just can't say we're having an assembly to comfort each other and bring some meaning to this event.

The President of the United States, Congressmen, Governor, and other high level officials are there so it's good that they took the time. But, I'd hate to think they are making this a political opportunity.

Finally it's here!

The door bell just rang a few minutes ago and it was the Dell laptop for my friend. I signed for it and put the little stack in the living room. I called my friend so that she could open it herself tonight; I wouldn't want to deprive that feeling from anyone. She can't wait but I don't have time to "load" it up before then but I'll take it to work with me on Thursday, all configured.

We live just a few miles from each other and talked about carpooling to downtown, and running by the San Diego Bay before work. I already know how long that will last - one week, or so. I guess if they wimp out then I could still do my night run before I go to sleep.

One week, two? You want in on the bet???

Massacre at Virginia Tech

What can be said when something like this happens? A 23 year old student, Cho Seung-Hui, kills 33 and injures 12 on campus and now he sets the "record," with a .22 cal, and a 9mm. Instantly, people are wondering where security was? What disaster plan was in place? How did this happen? Another Columbine situation? All the details aren't in, yet, so the what caused him to feel compeled to do this won't be answered today.

I remember when I had just graduated from High School and James Huberty killed 21, and hurt about the same amount at McDonalds in San Ysidro, the very same one that I bought large fries, and a strawberry sundae with my friends. He was down and out and just walked to the restaurant. One of my teachers called me at home wondering if I was ok, but I wasn't home. I was with my girlfriend buying a new outfit for her. I didn't hear until I got home.

And how did the word spread when it happened this time? CNN, MySpace, facebook, IM, email, text and phone, etc...

The weird thought that I had was that some disturbed person will not just try to kill himself but also take out as many as they can with them. My buddy said something to the effect that I was wrong.

People seem to have accepted (not shown on the news 24/7) that your friends might get killed in an auto accident or drunk driver; it happens more often. But, if they die in group, in a place where things like this shouldn't happen, does it hurt that family any more?

Sadly, I think that a movie theater, mall, parade, park, sporting event, etc...where it's impossible to search everyone will be next for the mass murderer. This is just one more way to die that shouldn't be and now throw in copycats wanting their eternal fame and it just increases the chances.

I believe that that a new warning system will be implemented at schools. You will be required to provide your cell number so that the administration can broadcast a text message to your phone in case of an emergency.

What do you think?

Textpad 5.02

I've been using textpad since 1999 or so. It's a small, fast, clean editor that I like and do most of my web coding in it except for my asp.net stuff. I assigned all text extension away from notepad and associated it with textpad. The last version 4.7.3 came out in mid 2004 and I check their website for updates every so often and found that a new version was out after THREE years.

What did they change after all this time? They did this in three years: Dockable File Explorer, Dockable Search Results and Tool Output, Tabbed document selector and clip library, Re-sizable Find/Replace dialogs, Drag and drop reordering of document tabs, Configurable environment variables, Vista 64 compatibility, and finally partial URLs are now syntax highlighted.

Even if you're not a programmer, you know that that's not a lot. But, I still like it and will continue to use it.

The Days Recap

I didn't get the call/email that I was hoping for, but I'm patient. In due time, right? Heather wanted me to take her to practice so I headed over to Subway and ordered a quick bite to eat to surprise her. A turkey/ham foot long for me and a 6" ham for her. The lady asked what I wanted on mine and I say, "Everything on Italian." She kept asking me if wanted "green peppers? olives? etc..."

As I was walking onto the court, Heather tells me that my phone is ringing. It was the contracting office. They are preparing the paperwork! Woohoo. The call came after the government 4:00 p.m. (go home time) so I wasn't expecting it.

At practice, the girls lined up in three lines and I stood in the middle of the other side and served ball after ball at them at moderate speed to see if they could pass the ball to the setter. After doing that in shotgun fashion, I was sweating and my arm was sore. I really liked yelling, "Balls!" and the girls would run and fill up the basket.

After practice Christy said that I could sign the practice ball but I declined :) I had taken a pair of running shoes to practice because one of the moms asked if I would join her but I really enjoy helping out the team, though.

Heather and I stopped by Krispy Kreme and got a dozen. I let her pick what she wanted and I filled up the rest. I dropped her off and then headed down to the fields to help oversee the All-Star election. We tallied up the votes, called the managers, and headed out!

I did my second night run, but this time with my gloves. My hands didn't freeze this time, so that was something not to worry about. Overall, my time was four minutes faster and the dogs didn't bark at me tonight, even though they were out.

The fedex guy stopped by to drop off the Dell laptop but I wasn't there. He did leave me a little sticky note on my door, though - how nice! I hope he comes in the morning!
5:53 +15

Canon 40D

One of my friends asked about the "new" Canon 40D. As far as I knew, it was an internet rumor with photoshopped images. One thing seems to stand out is that they would increase the megapixel count to 10+, and add the dust cleaning feature.

These changes alone would not warrant people to flock to the 40D from the 30D, or even 20D. The typical purchaser might be new, own a D60, 10D, or rebel.

Check the prices of the 30D, if you see many "blow-out" specials you know that dealers are trying to clear inventory for the 40D. I'd really call it the 35D for such a small incremental change if the rumors are true.

The real question is, "What are you going to take pictures of?" Regardless what the answer is, you can do it with the lowest end Canon/Nikon digital SLR out there. How fancy a camera do we need to take pictures of the dogs, cats, landscapes, sports, etc...

When the 30D came out, my local Fry's had the 20D for about $400 less and included a memory card to help clear out the old. A deal is coming soon.

Laptop Computer Shipped

One of my friends from FISC asked me to order a laptop for them last week and I sent them the confirmation email stating that the mouse had shipped. They got all excited because they thought it was the laptop; later to notice it was for the mouse. lol.

The order states that a signature is required but when I got home yesterday, the box with the mouse was sitting right on my door step. It wasn't in the nook, but right smack on the door. Geez, thanks. I hope the laptop isn't left on my doorstep like that.

Speaking of nook, the pigeon is gone. Poof, I don't know where he is. I didn't kill him as many suggested that I do. If all the pigeon wanted was a tiny spot to take shelter then I guess that was ok by me. I guess he healed and then left?

Lazy Sunday

My friend and I met for lunch and then we came back to the house and did yard work. No, I didn't ask for the help but didn't refuse the offer to help :) I finished up the front really fast but I wasn't looking forward to the back. It hadn't been cut since late Oct, but looked only two weeks or so old.

The backyard looks better now and I used the blower to get rid of the dust. The "yerba buena" has almost taken over the entire west section of the sitting bench area. It has a mind of its own where it wants to grow.

I felt embarrassed because I zonked out on the couch; my friend watched a movie with me snoring? Oops - bad host! I didn't even check out their new camera.

Hang Out and Watch TV

Invited a friend over to hang out and catch up on recorded "Ninja Warrior." Nagano was the only one of 100 people to make it to the final challenge. Too bad he failed to complete the final stage. We now recognize the handful of challengers that have a real chance to do it. Only one guy has finished in ten years?

In some respects this is similar to "American Idol" where it's fun to watch the really bad singers at the beginning. "Ninja Warrior" has all kind of characters that have no chance to complete even the first stage, failing within seconds of starting.

A new round just started so they change the obstacles to make it more difficult. Doesn't it seem that even with a billion channels someone will says, "There's nothing on!" Let's use the blockbuster and get a movie...

OH! I got an email this morning bright and early about that project I mentioned yesterday. She looked me up and contacted me first thing in the morning, not at my personal address but at the league address. What ever works, huh?

Saturday Volleyball/Softball Play-offs

Heather had a early tournament in a new gym next to the Balboa Hospital. Really nice place with six matches going on simultaneously. The team struggled today with a lot of errors and inexperienced play, resulting in losing all three of their matches. On a positive note, Heather got 16 straight points on her serving and in another game got about 12.

I was on the court area with the team and helped out unofficially by being an extra set of eyes to help out Christy. I know that Monday's practice isn't going to be easy.

After the games, Heather and I went to catch a game of softball down at Discovery. It's the first day of the play-offs for the Minor, and Mini-Minors; the Majors start next week. It seemed really quiet, maybe once it gets closer to the finals things will pick up!

Night Time Run

I didn't go out with my friends to the movies, and I hadn't run today, so I decided at 9:30 p.m. that I would do eight laps around the neighborhood. I did the eight laps, and the only thing that bothered me was the temperature. My checks, nose, and the back of my hands were cold. I have some gloves but couldn't find them.

The dog at the corner barked each time I passed and I saw a couple parked on the street with foggy windows. I guess they got used to me running around, because they didn't drive away again. I noticed one of the street lights flickering on and off, and performers rehearsing at Coors. It's a little farther than my usual route but I think that I like it better. I'll do the other one when I try to better my time, again.

Got a long day tomorrow, uh, today. Good Night.
5:38 baseline

Chance Meeting

After the softball game, I run into someone that I know from my old work. I give her a hug since I hadn't seen her in a bit. She told me that she saw me earlier in the game and was wondering when I was going to say something. She asked if I knew how to program Oracle databases, asp.net, access, excel, etc.

They needed someone ASAP, and all the people they tried to hire had some but not all the required skill sets on the SOW (Statement of Work). She asked what vehicle (government term for 'Method') that they would be able to procure my services through. I gave her the details and also references in the contracting department. She knows all the people in the government that I've contracted with so that should make things a little easier.

I gave her my e-mail addy, so let's see what happens. No chicken counting until I see the RFQ (Request for Quote). Wish me luck.

In a split second

I decided to go to Mariah's softball game. It was an away game that started well, Mariah got on base and easily beat out the throw to first with a nice bunt.

At her next on base, Mariah was at third and she was leading off, and a HARD line drive was headed right for her chest. She was charging for home and had just enough time to extend her hand to deflect/block the ball. We all heard the thud of the hit, and Mariah was on the ground instantly.

Everyone stood around for several minutes over her while the coaches checked her out, and made sure that she was alright. She's a tough cookie, and they bandaged up her right hand heavily and continued the game and ended up making it home. The coach took her out of the game but they still won easily 18-1? I can't wait to see her play college ball.

She'll be ok! But it sure looked really scary.

Gonna kick his ASK!

You've all probably seen this by now, but it made me grin :)

Countdown to 8th Grade

We were getting ready to go to Volleyball practice and I saw Heather's countdown to the end of the school year, on the dry erase board. I did the same thing with my "free" Miller's Outpost calendar in the 8th grade. I had the days remaining and then I would "X" out the days.

Now, we have flashy countdown timers on our myspace. Next, they will be on our phones and you will be able to send them as a "media" message.

Hug and Make Up

About three weeks ago, I got upset at someone and they responded with the equivalent of, "Fine!" We hadn't spoken, or communicated since then. Well, today we resolved our differences when I leaned over and whispered, "I'm sorry that ... " We gave each other a hug and people looked at us with that, "Ok! must be more to it" look.

I'm glad I did - someone had to take the first step and I didn't want to wait for them to. I missed talking/IM, etc... with them.

4/13/07 I got my call today so things are ok now :)

New All-Star Tournament

Looks like Bonita Valley will be going to Big Bear for the 3rd tournament (6/8-6/10) this year, and dropping Murrietta at the end. We've also decided that the Silver teams might compete in the NSA World Series so they could get a State, and National title opportunity. I think it's good for them. I hope they make it.

Synergy Loses

So, the 1st place team loses and the last place team finally gets a win. You can never tell how things will turn up, huh?

Heather gets a triple at her first at bat and then scores on next play. That would be it, they lost 4-1 (three runs score on a overthrow to 1st), dropped to 2nd place, but can still regain 1st if they win on Wednesday, or drop to 3rd if they lose.

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

I was looking at some of the new things that have at Balboa Park in San Diego. They have some new movies in IMAX (Alps, The Reefs, and a Hurricane) that I'd like to see and some exhibits such as: Grossology that sound like fun.

The planetarium is my favorite! Ever since I sat in the domed building at Southwestern College when I was in 5th grade, I've been interested in the vastness of it all. Probably gonna spend the whole day there it seems :)

People Watching Experiment

This is an easy social experiment. Many times if a man is entering a building, they will open the door and look to see if there is someone following to at least slow the door down from closing in someones face. But, how many times do you see a woman do that?

I've noticed that the younger people rarely hold a door even if that person is a foot behind them, they just let the door close in their face.

Have you seen this? How about your neck of the woods?

Duke Guys Cleared

There was no case from the beginning. There were so many holes that even had this case gone to a verdict it would have crumbled, and everyone laughed at the prosecution. What's the damage?

Can the guys sue for defamation? Should the woman's face be plastered all over? Who's fault was this? Media? Over zealous District Attorney seeking..what?

Larry Birkhead is the father

It's not over! Paternity may have been established and Birkhead proven dad. I like how Howard Stern says that he won't contest the findings...That's funny.

Millions of dollars are at stake so I see more lawsuits in the future or some deals being cut. I don't think grandma is walking away.

FREE Advertising thanks to IMUS

By now you've probably heard how far down his throat IMUS stuck his foot. He messed up pretty bad so he's paying for breaking the social rules. But, that's not the reason that I'm writing this tonight.

Through out the day, two major advertisers were so upset over the incident that they made an announcement that they were canceling their sponsorship. If they were so concerned they would have just pulled their ads silently to disassociate themselves. End of story, right?

But the IMUS scandal this has turned out to be really good for those advertisers. Almost all the news stations, internet sites are naming them. They're getting free advertising the longer this all lasts.

Other advertisers dropped their spots unnamed. So, which was the best way?

Microsoft Virtual Earth versus Google Maps

Tonight, I took my trusty GPS to plot out a new course for my running, or walking depending if I'm being lazy. I walked around the entire block and measure it out to 0.65 miles (1.05 km). I didn't do the little cul de sacs, so that may have come out closer to 1 mile.

I went to Google Maps to see if there is good dirt (that word makes me grin) trail and see where they lead, but they didn't even have my house plotted on it after THREE YEARS. So, I went to Microsoft Virtual Earth and punched in my address; it mapped the wrong house. No biggie, just moved the pushpin over. But it showed my place! I can CLEARLY see everything from all four directions. I told my friend that I could even see myself on the trail; you have to pick the south view, and look on the trail.

I liked that google maps will let me punch in GPS coordinates and I couldn't see how to do that in the Microsoft Maps. Some mashups and it can be coded to plot automatically.

The plan is to code a gps enabled mobile os device to transmit wirelessly to the internet and report-in in realtime, or everytime it stops and plot. My current version, drivers have to manually scan a trip log (a sheet with stops barcoded) when they arrive at a destination.

Yes, I'm a geek!

All-Star Season

I got a call from my "Mom and Dad," from up north. They called about the State Championships, and wanted to know the date so they could get a hotel. They watched Heather play for the first time at State's last year when they won it all, and they want to be there this year, too. It's a good time to reserve rooms, and if the girls don't make it they can release them on June 24th, after Districts.

Less than a month for All-Star try-outs: how time flies. Districts (6/22-6/24) will be hosted by Bonita Valley, and State in Lancaster(7/6-7/8) and Nationals (7/29-8/5) for the 12U in Phoenix, Az. The 14Us go to Ft. Stockon, Ca.

We should have a strong team again this year since most of the 12U National team is trying out again. One step at a time!

Synergy 1st Place

My kiddo and I went down to Discovery to watch #1 play #3. If John's team beat Mike's team then we were in 1st. It doesn't really matter, but getting 1st means you get a "bye" in the first round.

Synergy has two games left and they can still lose that spot if they get beaten by the 0-10 team. It wouldn't be a good way to start heading into the play-offs, huh?

Easter Sunday

How are you celebrating Easter? Getting together with family and having a nice meal? Watching the kids do the Easter bunny stuff, or just relaxin' before getting back to the grind?

Have a good one! :=)

We're Awake - Magic Mountain

We got home at 1:10 a.m. Heather was zonked out and didn't finish her Oreo McFlurry...Uh, "I didn't even start it!" - Heather.

But you don't really care about that. We're going to the movies in a second but we had to post a little video of the first ride we went on. There's a litte profanity but you'll get the idea!
X - The Ride! (YouTube) and Tatsu - My Fav (YouTube). Riddler/Batman has been de-throned.

Heather is laughing because she slept a majority of the way up to Magic Mountain and I woke her up as we are near the exit. We can see "X," the ride she wants to ride but not first. We wander around and look for a bathroom, and it seems the line for the bathroom is longer than for the rides!

I asked her what ride she's most anxious about and she says, "X." Guess what ride we get on first? Yup, "X," Get it out of the way! Spinning in all directions teaches you to force yourself taut against the pads, or you bounce around a bit!

The lines were shorter than any time that I've been there and we managed to get on all the rides we wanted to except for Superman. We are NEXT to ride, and we hear, "We are experiencing 'Minor' technical difficulties and we don't know how long it will take. You can continue to wait if you like." After two or three messages, we leave.

No stress, Let's ride "Riddler's and Batman!" Look! Superman is working lol. Lunch and then for the final ride of the day - Tatsu. Meet some kids from Temecula and those are the two we "adopted" to ride with us; sandwiched them between me and Heather. They had to fight to see how got to sit next to her.

As we're racing to go look at our ride photo, someone taps me on shoulder. "Hi Sam!!" lol. I can't hide can I?

  • X

  • Goliath
  • Still the best drop!
  • Tatsu

  • Drive through for Heather for her flurry, but she gets the pillow and blanket. Zonk...She's out.

    I should be sleeping

    Heather is playing unreal tournament prepping herself for Unreal III, renamed from Unreal Tournament 2007. I think they did that to deflect the fact that it's been THREE YEARS since they updated the game :)

    I should be sleeping now since we have a three hour drive, but I can't sleep. I bet I'll be yawning all he way up there. I'm taking the camera tomorrow so let's see how many rides I can get! Later People!

    Updated 4/7/07 11:10 a.m by Heather - "He got ZERO. Let me clarify - ZILCH, ZERO, GOOSE-EGG, NADA, BLANK!" But we got some cool ride pictures of us!

    Capping Unlimited Bandwidth

    My new phone has a usb cable so that I can hook my laptop up to it and get "unlimited broadband" on it. BUT...read the tiny print at the bottom.

    "1 If more than 5 GB/line/month are used, we presume use is for non-permitted uses and reserve the right to terminate service immediately."

    That works out to 5gb/30 = apx 166mb per day. That's a pretty weak figure for "unlimited."

    Digging a little deeper reveals:

    "The Data Plans and Features MAY NOT be used for any other purpose. Examples of prohibited uses include, without limitation, the following: (i) continuous uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video programming or games; (ii) server devices or host computer applications, including, but not limited to, Web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine–to–machine connections or peer–to–peer (P2P) file sharing; or (iii) as a substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections. This means, by way of example only, that checking email, surfing the Internet, downloading legally acquired songs, and/or visiting corporate intranets is permitted, but downloading movies using P2P file sharing services and/or redirecting television signals for viewing on laptops is prohibited. A person engaged in prohibited uses, continuously for one hour, could typically use 100 to 200 MBs, or, if engaged in prohibited uses for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, could use more than 5 GBs in a month."

    What do you think?

    Six Flags Magic Mountain

    I promised Heather that I would take her to Six Flags Magic Mountain, so were going. It's been a long time since I've been there and some new rides have been added; both of us are excited. We're leaving early and staying until it closes - that's the plan! I want to take the little camera and shoot some little videos but don't know...

    Speaking of videos, she's sending me videos to my myspace account of the rides that people have taken. lol...

    Should I take the camera?

    Notes from Around the World

    Drop me a few bits from where ever you are around the world. Tell me how things are in your area from a locals point of view. How's life, what do you do, how did you find me, etc...You can comment or send me an email.

    Phone Activation

    I mentioned that I got my phone yesterday but didn't get to activate it because I was out and about doing stuff. This morning I called up Verizon and started the procedure. After a few minutes, I figured out that she was really young, new, very nervous, and uncomfortable with the whole process. I understand what she must have been going through so I decided to joke around with her.

    After 30 minutes or so, the phone was working. The 18 year old girl was glad that I didn't bite her head off for messing up three times, and having to constantly refer to the manual (I could hear her pause and look) for everything. But I couldn't resist when she said, "You have a nice phone!" I responded, "What do you think of the buttons on the keypad?" She said, "I haven't seen the phone." Then we both laughed.

    I thanked her for activating the phone and she thanked me for being patient and not yelling at her.

    Now, I'm pharting around with learning the phone and such. I plan on getting a little memory card so I can put some mp3s on it. I'm not too happy with the little case I bought so, but oh well.

    MP3 Music without DRM

    EMI on iTunes is letting people get their music without DRM - for a higher price. For a slightly higher price you get better quality songs without any copy protection. What caused this change in thinking? iTunes will let you get the newer version by just paying the difference.

    Racquetball & Volleyball

    Picked up my kiddo after the baseball game, headed over to the gym. I picked a time when nobody was there. Heather saw that the courts were all glass and was a little shy about having people see her since she is a beginner. I let her know that really nobody cares. They are zoning out on their music and just trying to get their workout finished.

    It's been a long time since she set foot in a court so I gave her a refresher on how to hold, swing and stand. It didn't take long before she was smacking the ball hard. I'll post some little videos here shortly. We played for an hour and a half. I think we will both remember these: "uh oh...Where's Heather?!" then finally she got her turn..."uh oh...Where's daddy! Nobody home!" Little brat isn't she? We'll have to do that again soon.

    A quick lunch at Wendy's and then off to Volleyball. Ramon (25) and I helped Coach Christy (21) through the practice. It's fun to help out and give the girls some tough play to get them ready. Then Heather got some individualized setting pointers. A bunch of "old" people giving her instruction. She listened.

    I just got a call from the gym and they wanted to know if I was interested in signing her up?! Not now. She's very busy at the moment!

    Oh! I got invited to play indoor volleyball in the evening at Otay Ranch High School with the adults. Some two on two and I don' t know if there is some 6 v 6. Heather thinks I'm an old phart but I can still play!

    My Phone is Here

    Fedex man just showed up. I was expecting Tuesday, or Wedneday. I used to tell my customers that something would be ready in three weeks, and then call them up several days before that and say, "It's ready!" And their eyebrows would raise with excitement. Simple pleasures, huh?

    Racquetball with my Daughter

    I called the gym this morning and asked what the procedure is for bringing my daughter in. She has to be 18 they tell me; something about insurance. OK. I have insurance for her, plus I'll sign a waiver so she can play in a real racquetball court. Done deal. There should be a note at the entrance counter. Let's see...

    I reserved the court today so that we can play, then get a bite to eat before we head over to Volleyball practice. Heather can't wait and I have all the stuff ready to go (I carry them in the car anyway :) No softball practices/games this week.

    April Fool's

    Did you see the GMail April Fool's Joke ("GMail Paper")? It looked good and convincing based on Google's money stash. Basically, they will print all your email for you and send it to you in the mail, and also print out all your photos on high quality paper. All of this paid by ads.

    The one I played on the league was very successful. I received numerous calls, e-mails, and guestbook entries showing that people had fallen for it. As per Heather's advice, I didn't approve any guestbook entries until after I had taken down the joke.

    Several years ago, my girlfriend and I took down the main page and put up a "goodbye notice," telling everyone that we had defected to BV's biggest rival at the time - PQ. People couldn't believe it!

    Second Volleyball Tournament

    I had a few hours before the game, so I had "brunch" with a friend in Pt. Loma and spent some time in the bookstar reading lounge, and then rushed over to the City College Gym.

    The girls got to wear their uniforms today for their second tournament. They played at 2:00 p.m. in the small gym (only one court).

    The girls showed much improvement and confidence. Heather got of 6 of 7 jump serves in(practice and game), and we were trying to get her to do more in the game. She's the captain/setter and if you know her, then you also know she means business when it comes to competing.

    They won the first match convincingly, and lost the second match due to poor receiving and morale went south. It seems they took out their frustration on the team they played last because they smoked them.

    Second tournament, 2nd place again. Since some of the girls left after the final, the coach is making them have practice tomorrow instead of giving them some time off.

    April Fool's Joke

    It's 12:01 a.m. and I just uploaded the text below as my joke, you won't really understand it unless you go know about the league. I also changed the colors to green, purple, and red. The final touch was a completely new logo. My daughter and I couldn't wait to unleash this on the unsuspecting victims.

    Sunday, April 1st, 2007. 12:01 a.m. New League!

    We are pleased to announce new and exciting changes to the league today. As you may be aware our board has voted (23-1) to merge with the new Eastlake ASA. The new name for the league will be "Bonita Lake!" This brings our total player count from 800 to 1200!!! 100 of these players are boys since we are not allowed to deny them participation.

    In order to accommodate the surge in players, the playground will be removed and a new field added in its place. We couldn't agree on a name for the field so for now, it will be called field 4, until we let the girls decide on a name. Unfortunately, we didn't sell enough carne asada tacos on Saturday to pay for additional parking. However, we have been given the use of a special "Softball Bus" that will run on game days. You can easily recognize the bus speeding down the road because it will be the one with all the bat bags on the roof!

    In addition, we have added one more division: Tiny-Tot (2U/3U). The main purpose of this division is to prepare our future stars for the highly competitive T-Ball. Applications are available at the snackbar beginning on Monday (Space is limited to first come first served). Those that don't make it will be placed on the priority waiting list!

    And finally; I know a lot of changes, we will no longer be using "official umpires." Parents will be required to go through the Bonita Lake Umpire Training School (BLUTS) for short. Having our parents ump will save thousands of dollars per year and of course result in less "messed up" calls!

    Thanks and we hope you enjoy the new changes! Please leave a guestbook comment for feedback!