Bank Robbery

A man walks in a bank, gets in line, and when it is his turn he pulls out a gun...and robs the bank! Just to make sure he leaves no witnesses, he turns around and asks the next customer in line... '

Did you see me rob this bank?' The customer replies, 'Yes!'

The bank robber raises his gun, points it at the customer and BANG! Shoots and kills him. He quickly moves to the next customer in line and says to the man, 'Did you see me rob this bank?' The man calmly responds 'No, but my wife did.’

Lost Churches

Someone sent this to me this afternoon:

One of the local television stations in South Louisiana actually aired an interview with a woman from New Orleans. The interviewer was asked if the complete devastation of the churches in the area had affected their lives.

Without hesitation, the woman replied,' I don't know about all those other people, but we haven't gone to Churches in years. We gets our chicken from Popeye's.'

Check out the Shoes

Alex's ShoesAfter coming back from lunch with my friend, I noticed his shoes. I thought that they were rather interesting and asked if I could take a picture. He said sure and wanted to know if they were going on my blog..."Of course!"

My other friend and I were giving him a hard time about his pink shoes with green and brown trim. It was all in good fun... What do you think?


Alex and I went to the deli down the street and decided to eat outside. We noticed a group of tourists sitting across from us and then went on about our business. As we were almost finished, a homeless guy reached deep into the trashcan and got some bread and started eating it.

The guy started reaching into another trashcan and the lady tourist walks up to him and reaches out a $10 bill and says, "Go inside and get yourself lunch." The guy looks at her and shakes his head. She tries several times to get him to take the money but he refuses. He takes another bite from the bread and walks away.

The lady looks at me, and I raise my eyebrows giving her that, "You tried...What else can you do?" look.

I have nothing to write about

Yup. I'm having one of those days but I didn't want to leave the 9th blank with nothing here. :)

Snapple Real Fact #92

Snapple Facts

Fish can drown.

I guess we assuming that it's water in our lungs that kills but it's the lack of oxygen that is the culprit in drowning. So...if something is reducing the oxygen from the water then a fish could drown in water.

Parents at Games

I was shooting softball games today with my mp3 player soft enough so that I could hear what was going on. Sometimes I take photos of the parents in the stands and how they react to certain calls. For the most part the parents are there but not paying attention.

There have been plays that I have captured where the spectators say, "Come on blue! That was a terrible call." I look at the photo and see that the umpire was right. Sometimes they come up to me and ask, "Did you get that? She was safe, right?" I tell them they have to wait until I post the pictures on the web and they can check for themselves.

Best Side!

For the most part, the games give parents a way to catch up with their friends and what's going on with everyone lives pausing enough to see an exciting play then back to chatting.

Many of the umpires ask me to get their best side. As I took this photo, the spectators laughed and said, "You go, Sam!"

I wonder if he'll want a 5x7 of this?

Only Drink Domestic Water

Don't Drink the Water Non-domestic water is only good for irrigation or so the sign says. The Spanish version says, "It's prohibited to drink this water. Only for Watering."

I should have you guys send me photos of signs that you find interesting.

Endless Campaigning

Does it just seem that this campaigning takes way too long? Non-stop promises until November coming out of both camps and of course they can reverse, fix, and make everything better.

I wonder if anyone has compiled a list pre-election promises versus actual accomplishments. Real accomplishments, not the speech they give in January saying, "See...employment was up in December by 25%" and failing to note that it was part-time Christmas help that will be let go after the return season is over.

Oh...and who is voting for Ralph Nader?

Parking Lot Behavior

Parking Lot When you drive into a major parking lot it's only natural that someone would want to park closest to the entrance and at first that's easy. But how much effort to do you go into trying to attain that perfect spot?

Do you head right to the door and keep on going back further trying to get the closet that you can get? Are you the type that will wait as people are leaving and eyeball them and ask them if they are leaving as is common on college campus?

Have you ever "fought" someone for a parking spot because you had your blinker on for 5 minutes waiting for grandma to pack her trunk and someone just zoomed right into it from the other side?

I used to have a handicap parking placard and people would stare at me as I got out of my car, but would instantly change their expression when they saw me help my mom out of the car with a cane. My mom loved that we could park right in front! Basically this was the only time that I would go to the front.

Personally, I just park in the sparse area and beat those that are circling the lot. Heather can attest to that as I say, "My legs work perfectly fine how about yours?!" :)

Disposable BS Bags

Fresh BS Bag It has been mandated that each employee place one of these bags next to their desk and give it to the appropriate person when the BS meter goes off.

Don't worry about running out as we've order a huge supply of these bags!

Pick a Number

A conversation I had with my daughter Heather many moons ago:

Heather: Daddy, what's your favorite number?
Me: 5,693,452
Heather: No, I mean like a smaller one, between 1 and 10.
Me: Hmmm, okay. 7.94!
Heather: Daddy...a number with no point in it. And it can only be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, or 10.
Me: But you said between 1 and 10. You just included 1 and 10.
Heather: [stares at me with daggers]
Heather: A number from 1 to 10 ONLY with no point in it. You can pick the 1 or the 10 too.
Me: 9
Heather: Hey that's my favorite. Pick another one.
Me: 5
Heather: I forgot what I was gonna tell you.



Yup, I went out and bought an Apple iPhone on Thursday night. So, I've been playing with it and I like it so far. I've moved all my contacts over, and loaded some music, customized it a little, and ran it through it's paces.

Some interesting things that are missing is GPS navigation, but it gives you a general idea of where you are when you load up google maps and tap on the find me button using the cell towers. There is no voice activated anything, no movie recordings, but the iPhone's pictures are really nice. The internet access is slow but usable and I like the auto wifi leech mode. The iPhone uses your wireless connection for iTunes, and for faster youTube viewing.

Heather likes to use the iPhone to get on her myspace page, and watch youTube videos while we wait for our orders to arrive when dining out. I've sent gmail, and done all that other internet stuff but was dissappointed in the web apps. I'm signing up for the SDK so that I can write some native applications in a little bit and so far I like my iPhone.

Snapple Real Fact #9

Snapple Facts
The average speed of a house fly is 4.5 miles an hour.

And how exactly does one get a fly to cooperate in this experiment?

War of the Roses on 92.5

Many of you keep asking me for the link for this and even though you can google it, I'll just link to it - War of the Roses. You kind of have to wonder when someone is just going to fake one of the stories just to see if they pull it off.

Just a fresher:
What is 'War of the Roses' in San Diego?