Alex and I went to the deli down the street and decided to eat outside. We noticed a group of tourists sitting across from us and then went on about our business. As we were almost finished, a homeless guy reached deep into the trashcan and got some bread and started eating it.

The guy started reaching into another trashcan and the lady tourist walks up to him and reaches out a $10 bill and says, "Go inside and get yourself lunch." The guy looks at her and shakes his head. She tries several times to get him to take the money but he refuses. He takes another bite from the bread and walks away.

The lady looks at me, and I raise my eyebrows giving her that, "You tried...What else can you do?" look.


Kendra said...

i've never understood that about homeless people! when we were down in san diego about 6 weeks ago, i tried to give my leftover carryout bag to a homeless lady and she refused it too!! is it pride?

Sam said...

I think it is pride. I had a similar experience when Burger King had their buy one whopper get one free. I offered my free one to a homeless person and they said they didn't like Burger King.