Parking Lot Behavior

Parking Lot When you drive into a major parking lot it's only natural that someone would want to park closest to the entrance and at first that's easy. But how much effort to do you go into trying to attain that perfect spot?

Do you head right to the door and keep on going back further trying to get the closet that you can get? Are you the type that will wait as people are leaving and eyeball them and ask them if they are leaving as is common on college campus?

Have you ever "fought" someone for a parking spot because you had your blinker on for 5 minutes waiting for grandma to pack her trunk and someone just zoomed right into it from the other side?

I used to have a handicap parking placard and people would stare at me as I got out of my car, but would instantly change their expression when they saw me help my mom out of the car with a cane. My mom loved that we could park right in front! Basically this was the only time that I would go to the front.

Personally, I just park in the sparse area and beat those that are circling the lot. Heather can attest to that as I say, "My legs work perfectly fine how about yours?!" :)

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