Sitting in the Parking Lot

HeartI think it's funny when I drive in to the parking lot and people are sitting in their cars listening to the radio. You can tell that they just have to finish listening to the end of a particular radio gig, or song, etc...I was guilty of it today when I was listening to "War of the Roses" with Jagger & Kristi on 92.5 FM @ 7:10 a.m. here in San Diego. Normally I'm sitting at my desk but was running a little late. If you want, you can listen to the last five episodes.

The segment is where the radio show calls a suspected cheating partner and offers them free roses with a card with no strings attached and they can give it to anybody they want. The other partner is on the line with the radio station just listening and hoping that the "suspected" cheater is going to give the roses to them instead of the other girl/guy, or confirm what they suspected and move on.

It's rare that the suspect gives them to the accuser, but that was the case today. The lady was so happy. This was just a case of a guy finding it difficult to say "I love you."

Do you ever stay in the parking lot listening to the radio?


deafknee said...

i do that sometimes.. sit in the car and listen.. but only if im alone..

so what happens if they find out their partner is cheating? do they break up with them on-air?

josey said...

ohmygosh yes! LOL! i do it all the time =D i'm sure people are laughing at me as im bopping my head back and forth and singing *hehe*

so ya know...ive always wondered how some people fall asleep listening to the radio...i just HAVE to hear a song i love all the way thru! i suppose id just have to hope a song i didnt like came on and then quickly fall asleep by the time it was over. LOL! ;)

anyhoo, that radio show you mentioned sounds so sad! makes me think of that reality tv show "Cheaters." of course our sick and perverted curiosity gets the best of us and we just have to see what happens...;) (nope, i dont watch it. lol.) but it makes me so sad to think how the lives of some of those people are now majorly publicized and the accuser's suspicions are confirmed :( ah, what our world has come to. i guess it's their choice to take it to national tv (or radio!).