My Dad's Birthday

Today would've been my dad's birthday. He passed away back in 1983 due to complications after his stroke. It was interesting having our birthdays so close (mine is on the 22nd) and we celebrated them on the 21st, if at all.

One thing I remember the most is him never helping me, but making me find the answer myself. "Go to the library, or bookstore...Figure it out. You'll find the answer there." Uh okay.

Today, I was out and about and decided that I just needed to go to a bookstore. Since I was in the area, I decided at the last second to visit Borders instead of the Barnes and Noble! We now have one down in the Eastlake area and I was spotted by a friend. I got a hug and was wished an early happy birthday, they remembered! I think I got my answer... :)

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