End of Fiscal Year Party

Food TicketsIt was a "business meeting" and end of year party at Joe's Crab Shack. I showed up early because with 100 people showing up, parking was going to be an issue.

Everyone had to hold up tickets to help out the servers so that they would know what to give you. The color coding thing helped a lot, except I think they needed more than three servers.

We did discuss business then played bingo and trivia games. Our team won the department competition so we got cool pins.

I figured out why I had to go...because I was getting an award! Wooohooo. One of those "official" seal kind. :) Overall, a good time even the parking meter guy was festive and ripped up a ticket. We all cheered for him when he gave the person a break.


Anonymous said...

Sam, I must say that I was not surprised of you receiving an award. I know you have all the qualities of a good worker. You should be proud. Thank you for sharing your happiness. Congratulations!

Sam said...


I looked for the bonus check, but it must have fallen out. :)

deafknee said...

what award did you get?