Elevator Behavior

Broken ElevatorThis was taken at Nationals when the elevator guy was trying to fix the button. I found the plastic washer dangling in the elevator and gave it to the repair guy. It appeared as someone got impatient and kicked the button and the whole button went inside the wall. Which leads me to some "observations" I have made about elevator behavior in general. Let me know what I have left out.

Do you do any of the following things in relation to elevators, if so, how many?

  1. Press the button even though it's already lit.
  2. Rush in before the people have gotten out.
  3. Head to a corner.
  4. Head to the control panel.
  5. Look up at the "floor" display the whole trip.
  6. Reach over and press the button instead of saying, "6 please."
  7. Avoid eye contact, or other people.
  8. Miss your floor because of someone in the elevator.
  9. Release "toxic" fumes as you get out on your floor.
  10. Press the "close" buton if you see someone.
  11. Pretend to press the "open" button, along with the acting.
  12. Go to the opposite corner of the pad so you can't press the "open" button.
  13. Go UP on purpose even though going down.
  14. Check out the other people in the elevator.
  15. Pretend to be "sick" to get more room. Cough, cough, Sneeze, clear out!
  16. Make plans for the day with someone on a different floor.
  17. Mumble "Why the heck are you using the elavator to go up 1 floor?"
  18. Hold your breath because someone is wearing too much colgne/perfume.
  19. Not get on because you don't want to be in the center being stared at.
  20. Not get on so you can be in the "empty" one that is next.
  21. Hanky Panky.
  22. Do nothing but hope the day goes by fast.

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