Got My Stuff Ready

I got my suitcase packed and all my "important" papers all tucked in a fedex bag. A friend fedex'd a gift to me and it's the perfect size for the gift and papers. It's coming with me! My mom called and made sure that I didn't forget this or that. My Hard Disks are ready, and some other general stuff but that's it really. Some of you might know the Eastlake area and other parts of Chula Vista are evacuating. AND what's up with the fire about a mile from my house not even related? Did someone just want to get it on the map or something?

I called Heather's mom and made sure we had plans in case the word came out to "Move it!" No school tomorrow. So let's see if the weather will help. :)


Deb said...

Good luck! I'm visiting a blog called "And Still I Persist" to get the latest greatest on the fire news. It's run by an ex-Marine, and he sure knows his maps and logistics...

You have a friend's house to go to?

Happy Birthday!!

Sam said... friends live around here so they are evacuating too!!! My area is the Chula Vista High School I'm gonna camp out in my car. If all else fails. My mom wants me to drive up there but I think the freeway is closed.