Choose Conflict?

I was heading up to work today and need to changing lanes. I looked to the right and the lane was free, so I blink and start over. Just then I hear someone do one of those LONG honks where they hold down the horn. I quickly look and see that a car is moving into the lane from the other side but into my blind spot. I clear out no biggie. But then the guy moves up to me and starts pointing and glaring/yelling at me. Easy to read his lips on those.

It's decision time...I put my hand on my chest and mouth, "Sorry..." and wave with the open hand. He has a choice: accept the apology, and go on our merry way, or build up some stress/drama/tension, etc...He chooses to continue. WHY? What's the point? What is there to win?

He's now in my way to move over to the 94, I slow down and move over to the right going behind him. Now he glares at me from the other side. No accident, no nothing....just a lot of stress at high speed when he could have just nodded and acknowledged that he accepted the apology. I wonder if he feels better now?

What would you have done?


Anonymous said...

smith and wesson on my side. They speak for me

MB said...

Accept the apology and move on. What a moron.

Lynn said...

I agree with MB but if you hadn't aknowledged that something happened then maybe his action was understandable. You did the right thing to smooth things out but he might have seen it as being weak. It made him feel good he's just an angry person.