Run Heather Run!

Heather Running with FootballThis was taken way back...uh 5 years is a lot to a kid, right? We'd go to Balboa Park and throw the football around and we had to try out the new Peyton Manning Football.

Throwing the softball/baseball was also on the menu along with taking photos, running, scootering, biking, rollerblading, etc... Just a glimpse of the speed that she'd show later on in softball.

But, I can still run faster - maybe not for long though! :)

Think you can catch her?


JYankee said...

i did that once at aly's daycare..chased around a bunch of five year olds.. couldnt catch them. only when one of them got tired and actually STOPPED...did i finally catch up with her...sooo...the answer is NO!

Sam said...

It would be good exercise though :)