Out with My Daughter

The Grudge Boy Heather's been a little stir-crazy so I called her and asked if she wanted to go out to dinner with me. After tossing out a bazillion suggestions we ended up at Islands. A boy that looked exactly like The Grudge boy was in the table behind Heather. She got so freaked out. As she says, "that was scarier than the haunted Hotel." I wasn't able to get a photo because he was told to sit down. We accidentally ALMOST did a dine and dash. I tried to pay the hostess. :)

We couldn't get her friend to go shopping with us so Heather and I went to Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Heather loves to listen to the music and gets ideas on new songs she wants. We ran into some friends while we hunted down a book for Heather to read while she's out of school.
Heather Big Brain
Heather's FavoriteOf course we can't forget about stopping at the Apple Store. We looked all the new toys they have and I glanced at the "Lamp Clocks." But, the most fun was taking photos on the demo machines. Here's Heather's favorite.

We e-mailed all the photos that we took to our personal accounts to that she could put them on her page. :)

My favorite is the one on the right. I couldn't stop laughing and I thought we were gonna get kicked out. :)

We had to make sure we got a sunset photo even if it was not as scenic as we would have liked. I didn't have my camera but the cell phone would do :)

Although things are bad around San Diego County at the moment, we're glad that we're safe and our loved one are too.

We're still thinking of you guys...and to everyone that contacted us - Thank You! :)


Arlene said...

That grudge kids is scary shit man!!
I love the pictures from the apples :-) Those are so fun to play on!!
Is she out of school because of the fires?

Sam said...

Yup...They got the whole week off.