E-mail Wars

I rarely log in to my MSN e-mail and notice that I have 5gb of space free. When I first got it, I had a whopping 2mb limit. I chuckle because as you know, Yahoo has said, "Goodbye to email meter." Unlimited capacity...Uh huh! I read the fine print. They'll monitor your account and if it appears you're abusing it then they'll bring out the e-mail police on you. I think aol still has the 1gb limit.

What is Google going to do in response? They started al lof this with their 1GB gmail account and now it's up to almost 3gb. I've had a gmail account for several years and I'm only using 10% I guess in reality they could go unlimited because only the "few" people would fill it up. But the again, the fine print, they reserve the right to remove other e-mail accounts you create.

[10/19/07] Seems like GMail gave us another gig of space.

How many e-mail accounts do you have (including spam accounts)?

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