Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football Logo We usually go to the little mini-mart downstairs. So, I'm on my way when I reach into my pocket and nada. I'd forgotten my cash, credit cards, license, etc...Ugh. I borrowed $20 from a friend and I was on my merry little way.

So, on my way home, I got a call from my buddy about going to La Belle's for Monday Night Football (Giants -v- Falcons) and watch Boston versus Cleveland in the ALCS. We decided to go straight from work and met up. As we sat down, we both realized that we were cashless! We sat down at the bar and ordered anyway. No, we didn't plan on bailing on the bill! :)

The lady asked what I'd like and I responded that I was going to be a heavy drinker tonight "gimme a coke, please!" She smiles. We got a pizza caught up on stuff and my friend went and got some cash while I watched both games. We paid the bill, and chatted up a bit. Yes, I finally confirmed what he had suspected. We have plans for Thursday after the "bored" meeting. This time I'll be sure to have money! :) Plus, his wife will be happy to get him out of the house!

Has it ever been your turn to pay and you have no mula?

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