Elevator Prank

Elevator PrankI felt devious this morning for some reason as I got on the freight elevator. I saw a lady get on that I'd never seen and she kept pressing the buttons but they weren't lighting up. I got this grin on my face.

The lights don't work. But the lights at the very top of the elevator do AND you can press them. The guy behind me was zoning out so he had no clue what I was doing but started to smile as I started to talk.

her: Nice tie. [Referring to my pink "Are you Aware" tie.]
me: Thank You. I'm sorry Miss, but on this elevator you have to press the buttons up there!
her: OMG, are you serious?
me: The pad doesn't work. They are supposed to fix it sometime next week.

Since its a freight elevator it doesn't start to move instantly and she crinkles her forehead.

me: [I step all the way back]
her: [She stares at the buttons.]
me: Would you like one of us to give you a boost?

The other guy starts laughing.

her: hahha very funny. Can you press 5 for me, please?
me: [I press the 5 on the panel up top]
her: Thank You.
me: You're welcome.
her: Is it really broken? BTW, what's your name?
me: No...heh heh. My name is ... uh ... Chang Lee.


josey said...

HAHA! i would have sooo fallen for that. i'm a short-type person, and i know i would have believed you. hehe! its fun being ornery, isnt it? :D

Sam said...

At first, I didn't post the picture of her trying to press the button, but I ran into her today and she said it was ok. She said, "Hey Chang...I felt so dumb." LOL

Kendra said...

you are soooo bad... that's too funny!

Anonymous said...

Haha, that rocks...

deafknee said...

HAHA you are mean!