My Home Office

My Workspace One of my friends asked me what my "workspace" looks like. Well, here it is! I have home office that I do work for my customers and volunteer stuff. The government stuff I drive in and support them there or any of the other sites where they need me.

They've needed me in Hawaii before so, I'm hoping that they offer me a contract :) Wanna go with me?

I was going to put little arrows and such to identify the stuff but you can pretty much tell what's on the table (my mom's). The monitor that is turned off is saving energy, okay!? A little to the right of the monitor, I can see the TV in the family room, so that's why the remote control is there.

I bet my future significant other is not gonna be happy with this set-up. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

DORK! I see you got your "porn" cam there too... good for you ;)

deafknee said...

why wont she be happy with it?
but do you really need so many screens?