Sister Marie

Pregnant Nun We had a meeting today to discuss some of the two thousand charities that we can contribute to this year, and four representatives came to give their pleas. Each one was a good cause and I can imagine how much money they need to run all of them. It was dissappointing to see that about 20 people showed up, though.

It's Halloween and many went dressed up but the one that got the most votes was "Sister Marie with Child." The Cardinal that was responsible for Sister Marie's condition didn't want to be photographed. Don't get mad at me, I just took the picture! At lunch they are having a contest so let's see who wins the grand prize.

Is your work a fun place to work?


JYankee said...

gawd that's funny.. i wish my place were that way.. see blog**** my company thinks moving is fun!

Edo said...

My place is awesome to work at! This year, our whole floor ( we work in a high-rise) had a theme: the Simpsons. We ALL dressed up! It was awesome!

Sam said...

hey edo: One of our floors decorated the whole floor and hallways. Looked like a haunted house.

jyankee: Moving is not fun!