Too Sleep or Not To Sleep

It's 3:22 a.m. and I just got off the phone (stupid I know). I'm debating whether I should crawl in bed or not since I only have less than two hours before I have to get up. If I do, will the alarm even wake me up? Wonder when the crash will hit...YAWN! Good Night...uh, Good Morning. :)

Have you ever slept through the alarm?

[5:00 a.m.]
What's that annoying sound?
Oh, it's the phone. Who's calling? It's the alarm ringing - doh.


Mary Anne said...

You need to cut that habit, Sam. It's important to get your 6-8 hrs. of sleep.

Sam said...

I'm betting that I'll be able to get my 6 or so on Thursday! :) I got to work on time and am not having any apparent effects "so far."

Of course you know it's probably the "newness" of it all.

Arlene said...

Sleep is so overrated ;-)