Locked Out

I was down at the postal place Fedexing package when I'm about ready to go and I can't find my keys. I look in all my pockets and then back into the store but nothing. After letting out a sigh, I notice that they are in the back seat.

My friend was nearby and I could have asked for a lift home to get the spare, but I decided that I would use my car insurance "road assistance." I paid for it right? They show up 30 minutes later and use the little air door separator to pry the door. He then stuck the metal claw to unlock and sure enough the alarm went off. The guy had me sign and I was outta there.

Have you ever used your Broken Glass, Lock Out, Out of Gas features from your insurance?

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Anonymous said...

I have used AAA when I had a flat tire. Though, just this Friday night I locked myself out of my house and my car. I was in a rush and I thought I had my keys, but they were in the kitchen. Long story short, I didn’t get back in my house till 2am. I had plenty of time to reflect on life as I waited outside of my house.