It might be one of those days when things just don't go well. First, I forgot my badge but luckily I was only half a mile away. I had left a little early to get gas on the way and I find that 5 of the 8 pumps are out of order because they are taking the little TV monitors off.

Then, I pull into the first available spot and the hose won't extend. Since I put my credit card and it authorized, I quickly did a u-turn but somebody pulled in. He backed up and gave me that "you're a moron" look. But, I wasn't paying for his gas! After filling up, the prompt, "Want a car wash?" appears but the NO button is not working. I can just imagine the guy I just pissed off press "YES" and selecting deluxe everything after I leave.

I get downtown and somebody parked in the morning rush hour lane even though the sign says, "NO PARKING 5:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m." and the tow truck is there. A lady is trying to parallel park with one hand while talking on her phone moving 1 inch at a time. We have to wait for her since the other lanes are coned off.

It's okay...I left early enough that I had plenty of "Pharting around time" and got to work on time. :) (:

You ever start your day like this?


JYankee said...

oh yeah.. those's better to just turn around and go back to bed! LOL

ira said...

crappy start!!! hope the rest of the day went fine..
Oh! they happen to everyone! I just wait for it to pass.. lol!