San Diego is on Fire

This fire is worse than the one several years ago. No planes, or helicopters are in the air and there is ZERO percent containment and add Santa Ana winds and you have a an unstoppable firestorm. It seems like a wall of fire rolling in and tons of smoke. We've been ordered to stay off our cell phones.

San Diego County employees have been ordered to stay home to keep freeways open. Many schools closed today. The air quality is BAD! Evacuate to Qualcomm Stadium. You got your family, pets, and important papers/pictures? Then move it!!! Here at work, we did a roll call to make sure everyone was safe.

Yes, there is a fire east of my house but it's still "far away." A map of the fires.

[Update 10:50 a.m.] The San Diego Emergeny website is down and many of the radio stations went dead. My office handed out face masks in case we need them. People are teasing and calling me "Dr. Sam!" We are on voluntary leave at the moment. If you have to go...just go.

[Update 3:20 p.m.] Parts of Chula Vista are under voluntary evacs...Here's my local cbs link for most of the updates. The 905 and 805 near my house are shutdown because of a fire in San Ysidro by the high school.


Mary Anne said...

They are calling you Dr. Shuey because it's such an Asian stereotype to be a doctor.

Ladan said...

San Diego is a mess, I agree. I feel bad for all those people. I hope they somehow extinguish the blazes. It is a total loss. :(.

Sam said...

Mary Anne: Well, they can't even get my name right. They wrote me a note that said, "Good Luck Chewy."

Laden: Things are better but not for all. Seems like the worst is over and now it's the recovery.