Airline Tickets are Expensive

Several months ago, I responded to a spam email from a woman overseas because I was curious about how the scam works. We emailed for a bit and then finally started the IM thing. She told me that she had been through some tough times and her mom had a stroke and it had depleted her savings. She was coming to America to make a career with an agency.

I was waiting to see how long it would be for the request for money and it didn't take long. Here's our last conversation that ended very abruptly.

her: good morning my love
me: hehe morning!
her: did you sent the money?
me: There is a problem with Western Union.
her: try again i am wanting be with you in. Please please send fast
me: $5,000 is a lot of money. I only have $14.40 in my bank account. I can send that.
her: your friends help you for money so we together?
me: I owe them money so I don't think they will.
her: agency is loaning 3000 today. Ipay you back 2000 with my job from agency work
me: Ok. I will send $20.00.
her: NO sum is 2000.00 or We won't together if you won't help. Are you understand this?
me: Can you wait until November? I sell cans back for $1.55 a pound; I can use the money from that to buy your ticket!
her: [disconnects chat]

Haven't heard from her since! Have you gotten any of these e-mails?

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deafknee said...

haha you are funny! and brave!
i would never be able to come up with silly answers like that!