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I'm tired so this is gonna be quick! Fish Market was good! Ate on the second floor and had a corner seat so that we could get a nice bay view...Yummy. It's the first time that I'd noticed that GIANT new statue of a replica of the famous Navy guy kissing the nurse from Time Life after WWII. I already have a photo that I'm planning on taking there.

I forgot my badge, and luckily security knows me and I had no hassles. I visited more people today and I got compliments on both my weight and being dressed up. The ladies told me that they would make sure that I looked nice...uh.

Happy 18th Birthday, Ria! How time flies...Next stop, Oklahoma State Cowboys. We'll have up to five years to come watch one of you games live, huh, or see you on ESPN!

A guy scared me on my run tonight, he was wearing one of those full suits with a hood that make you sweat. He just popped around the corner and ran on people's lawn. No burning space debris today unlike last night. Haven't seen a mention on the news about it.

My idea about instant warnings via communication device is being implemented already and looked at by other institutions. Adapt quick!

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