Team Party

National Championship TrophyThe All-star games ended on August 5th, but the "official" end is the team party. The trophies finally came in and the girls were each acknowledged for their contribution to the team and handed their National Championship Trophy along with the rest of their goodies (Embroidered sweatshirt, photos, medals, newspaper clippings, etc...)

We had Mexican food catered for the party (carne asada, quesadillas, grilled chicken, pork, rice, etc..), and got to socialize with everyone that we hadn't seen for a long time. The girls got to play basketball, ping pong, swimming, listen to music, watch the Padres lose, and just hang out.

Talk of the next 2008 All-Star season was a topic, geez. Heather is eligible for the team for two more years, but it's too early to think about that, in my opinion. Midland, Texas won the bid for the 2008 14 and Under National Championships. We know not what the future holds...let's just get through this first Renegade tournament. :)

Do you like Mexican Food?

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MB said...

I love Mexican food.....what's your favorite. I ALWAYS order a Beef Taco/Cheese Enchilada plate. How boring, but I love it.