Danger Will Robinson

Lost in Space Robot I used to watch "Lost in Space" after school while doing my homework. The show was in re-runs but I still liked it especially the robot. My favorite episode was when the robot was tipped over and it grew huge and Will was able to go inside the robot like a building. Too bad it started to shrink on him later on.

While googling I stumbled across a company that actually sells full-size robot for a "mere" $25,000. Buy your own robot! As a kid, I wanted a model of the robot...but, that just wasn't gonna happen. No mula.

Lost in Space: The Jupitar 2Oh, I always had questions about the Jupiter 2. Notice the little stairs to go into the ship. Well, that ship from what I remember, had three stories, and room for a chariot the size of a Lincoln Navigator, a mess hall, sleeping quarters, engines, food, on and on. etc...Where did it all fit?

New RobotI just watched the Lost in Space movie that came out in 1998, one of the channels. The movie reviews weren't all that stellar, though, but I still saw it in the movie theater when it came out. I tried to find a clear image of the robot from the movie, but this was all I was able to find. If anyone finds one will you send it to me?

Heather likes, "Crush, Kill, Destroy." I don't think she's ever seen any of these movies. :) Someday she'll find out where it came from. YouTube Tribute

Why the post on this, you ask? Yesterday, someone at work asked me if I knew anything about an error message that popped up on a program that I wrote in 1997 (they are still using it). I asked what did the message say? I was told it said, "Danger, Will Robinson! Unexpected System Error. Engage life support systems IMMEDIATELY!" OMG. I never expected that it would actually ever appear, and this person looked up the error in my documentation. Of course they didn't find anything. :)

What TV Series do you most relate to your childhood?

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