Red Bull Air Race 2007

Boats in the BayAll the boats are lining up to watch the airplane races that are about to start. I think today they hold the qualifiers at 2:30 p.m.

Several of the people here at work are leaving early so that they can see the races up close ( ya gotta pay) , but this is a pretty good view in my opinion.

I'm standing up with my laptop at a 45 degree angle down so I can look out and type at the same time. :) Those guys are noisy!!!


Anonymous said...

Cool.. I LOVE San Diego!

Kate said...

Hi, Sam-

That's an awesome view!

Did you like "Akelah and the Bee"? I watched it a couple months ago.

Sam said...

jyankee: So do I! :)

Kate: Yes, I liked the movie...very inspirational. :)