Gloria NOT sharing her sushiDenisse had asked me if I could give her a ride to work this morning since her car is being looked at, she's the one that I fired as my running partner, if you remember. I said, 'sure.' I get to her house at 6:30 a.m. and she has me drive to a Mexican bakery right by her house. The place was packed! She bought a treat for me for giving her a ride. :)

Since today was Friday, a group of us: Me, Denisse, Gilda, and last minute Gloria (Angela couldn't make it) head off to get some sushi downtown. I pulled up the car so they didn't have to walk all the way to Pluto (that's how far my car is in the parking lot). Gloria wore tennis shoes just incase.

We all order and for some reason, Ms. MegaSpaz Gloria gets her sushi first. The waiter puts out several little dishes for us to share, and she blurts out, "Oh hell no, I'm starving and not sharing!!!" That's all her food right there in the picture (a 4x4), plus that salad, miso soup, and EAT YOUR NAMI.

We'll, Gloria couldn't finish her sushi and then wanted us to help her finish it...LOL, "Oh hell no, Choke on it!!! Oh, and you'll be needing those tennis shoes!" I get my chop sticks and help Gilda (that's her arm) finish off hers. We get back to work all stuffed.


deafknee said...

i would have helped finish her sushi!

Sam said...

I gave it to Angela. She ate it in her cubicle. :)