Dating Fast Food Style

I went to a fast food restaurant tonight because I was lazy to make something at home. I always talk to the cashier and address them by their name in this case her name was Jessica. Maybe 18 or so. I got my food, sat at a table and watched the entertainment.

Jessica: How can I help you?
Guy: I want to get...blah blah blah.
Jessica: Anything else?
Guy: Oh, can you add ... blah blah blah?

So, she totals him up, and he gives her his debit card. It gets declined. So, he keeps taking stuff off his order until the card finally goes through. At this point she has her arms crossed. Then the really fun part:

Guy: Say, do you have a boyfriend?
Jessica: Yes. Do you have a girlfriend?
Guy: No.

Jessica starts to get his order and he gets really brave.

Guy: You know I can give you my phone number, just in case your boyfriend don't be treating you right, you know.
Jessica: Okay. You can leave your number.
Guy: It wouldn't do me no good to leave you my number if you ain't gonna call it right?
Jessica: [smiles politely at him, then looks over at me.
Guy: [looks over at me]
Jessica: Here ya go, oh and don't forget your card.
Guy: You know, I have a cousin that lives close by and I'll be back and if your boyfriend don't treat you right. You know. I'll be back. [he gives me the guy nod as he leaves]
Jessica: bye.

After he leaves, she goes into the back and tells all her work buddies what just happened. Everyone laughs and runs up to the counter to check the guy out as he leaves. Jessica looks at me and asks me if I saw the whole thing. I grin and tell her that she doesn't know how hard it is for a guy.

Smooth Operator, yes or no?


Arlene said...

Oh Lord! Smooth, NO! Not even a little bit. And I know that was HIS grammar, because you know how to talk! Owww. My head hurts now. Is this what dating has come to??

JYankee said...

hmmm he sounded desperate....