Carne Asada Burrito

Today was a long day!!! I got in a little late, but made the time up by staying late so no harm done. There was just enough time for a burrito and quesadilla at the local taco shop before going to the Mini-Minor draft.

The lady looks at me and says:

Lady: ¿Como te puedo ayudar?
Sam: ¡Quiero una carne asada burrito y una quesadilla para qui!
Lady: [smiles at me] se dice, quiero un burrito de carne asada.
Sam: Entonces, quiero un burrito de carne asada y la quesadilla, por favor!
Lady: Muy bien.

I rarely get to practice my Spanish and I found it rather interesting that she corrected my Spanish in front of everyone, an older lady just smiled as I got my lesson.

The mini-minor draft went well, just two more nights. It's gonna be a long week and I'm already tired.


Anonymous said...

cool i havent spoken in ages either...since college perhaps...

Sam said...

I wouldn't think there are many Spanish speakers in Japan for you to practice on, huh? :)