Happy New Year

My system hasn't totally recovered yet, and my friend says I probably got food poisoning. Who knows. I sent out midnight text messages as got some this year as well as the "Happy New Year" calls from those that I couldn't be close to.

The league prices went up at midnight, so I was curious as to how many people would try to beat the midnight deadline. Quite a few actually and it seems the other half will just pay the higher prices so they can procrastinate.

Watched USC -v- Illinois in the Rose Bowl...My team (USC) won in a blowout, 49-17.

I heard many of my friends tell me about their resolutions, but we know the usual ones: Lose weight, exercise more, eat better, etc...I know the gym will be full and I won't be able to get a racquetball court as easily or if I do, they will want to play doubles (too crowded for my taste) but by February should get things back to normal.

How long will you keep your resolution?


Anonymous said...

Hope you're better. Those stupid Cali rolls!

Sam said...

I knew there was something about that 4x4 when I was eating there.