Random Sam Fact #45

HandgunWhen I as eight, my parents left me alone for a week while they went down to Mexico to take care of business. I had school so they thought it best for me to stay in the house by myself. One night, I heard someone/people right outside my parent's window. I turned on the light but they didn't go away. I ran into my bedroom and got my dad's handgun, and got the clip. I had first thought about the 30/30 but it was too heavy.

I chambered a round and was hoping that they would go away just from hearing that distinctive sound. My little dog "chewy" was chasing me around the house and I had my .22 rifle read also. By the way, did I tell you I was terrified with all the lights on in the house? I totally freaked out when I heard the window screen move.

I put one round THROUGH the wall and I heard it hit the sand pile right outside and also heard the "bad guys" start running. Right after that I went outside with Chewy, and fired three more rounds at the dirt piles. It was dark but I could see three figures running down the railroad tracks.

My mom found the hole right away when they got back and asked what I had done. I told her and she said she wouldn't tell my dad if I helped her fix it - Deal. I was still allowed to target practice everyday so all was well. :)


Julie said...

OKay Sam, Your parents need to be freakin HUNG for leaving an 8 year old home alone for a WEEK, not only alone but alone with a HANDGUN!!! I know it was a long time ago, but come on!!! ;) I'll make sure I never come to your window.... LOL

Sam said...

I was taught early how to handle weapons. I took them apart and timed myself :) The ammo was separate so there was no chance of accidental firing.

My parents (r.i.p.) meant no harm and felt I could fend for myself.

deafknee said...

!!!!! but why not tell dad?

Arlene said...

Oh my GOD, that's so scary!!!! I don't even leave my kids alone to run to the store, let alone let them handle guns!

Kendra said...

how scary!! glad all of that turned out okay for you!