Port Side

My friend got frustrated with me today after I tried to explain where the "Port side" was on a ship. The conversation went like this:

her: Sammy, I forget, "Is Port the right side or the left side?"
me: If you're facing the front, the bow, then it's on the left.
her: so the answer is left?
me: yes, but only if you are facing forward.
her: what?
me: hehe, the port is the same side regardless of which way YOU are facing.
her: but you just said it was on the left.
me: but if you're facing the aft, which is the back of the ship, then it's your right.
her: um, ok...I get it, duh! I thought you were messin' with me.

I thought she was gonna strangle me.


michele said...

you're right: I think parents have a lot to do with it, but siblings can help. I take it you don't have a sister then? and by the way, I still don't get the port side thing either.

Arlene said...

I would have choked you!