Free Re-fills!

Re-Fill Policy

The first place ever that I can remember of having free re-fills is Carl's Jr. waaay back. They had the fountain machine so that you could fill it yourself. Then everyone followed suit. This post is for my friend. Inside joke!

Heather and I ordered pizza the other day, and while we were there a man ordered a water and filled it with Sprite. Pretty funny because the pizza lady wanted to say something but didn't. I watched her for a second and noticed that she hovered around the fountain machine, hoping that he would re-fill so that she could say something but he didn't go back.

Anyways, How many re-fills do you end up getting at a restaurant?

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Arlene said...

Fast food, where I do it myself, I normally don't even finish the drink I get. When I'm sitting and eating at a restaurant though, it depends. Normally at least 1 refill.