Texas Hold'em

I got directions and this tournament just happened to be only two or so blocks away. The place was packed, I knew most of the people but someone sitting at one of the tables spots me, and says, "Sam!!! It's been a long time since college, man!" I recognized him even with his sunglasses (playing the poker part)

There were plenty of munchies, and I was ordered to help myself. There were 6 tables fully loaded (9 players per). Saw some players from the other tournament. Prizes to the top 5, so there was a good chance.
People were watching the Padre game, softball, playing pool (I replicated a college photo assignment photo), listening to the iPod boombox.

That's me showing my hand to the camera before the "river." Do you think I went all in? hehe. There are two pots since I didn't have that many chips left, but I eventually won this table. Photo taken by Laura!

Let me introduce you to "Rocket!" For some reason, he decided that he would follow me around the house, and poker tables all night long. So, I asked him to pose for a picture! I ended up kicking him several times by accident under the table but he sat by me for quite a while, and if he did leave, came back because he knew that I didn't mean to :) The look reminds me of my dog "Chewy," that I had when I was in 6th grade.

What I really liked about the tournament was everyone helped all the newbies, even when they mis-dealt the cards, couldn't count, didn't know how much to put in or even the odds or strength of the hands.

I'm gonna play some online tournaments for fun and see how I do, just for fun. Some people made fun of my "Oooooo. " Or, "you have no chance now...just fold and give me your money!"


deafknee said...

i like the dog!
good job on the pictures.. your blog needs more..

Mary Anne said...

not a fan of poker, but I am a fan of that dog.

Sam said...

Thanks. See, all you had to do is ask! I'll be putting up more

*Mary Anne,
I only go to hang-out and have a good time with everyone! I like the dog, too! He just wouldn't stop clinging to me, except for sleep time. Then he zonked on the couch. Thanks for visiting!

Arlene said...

WooHoo, you posted pictures!!!! Great start ;-)
Sounds like fun!!