A blowout Game

Heather wanted to watch Mariah play Scripps at the high school, so I drove her up there. The game started off bad and ended bad 11-0, Scripps Ranch.

Can't forget the head coach walking a little dog with a pink leash that had somehow managed to get on the field during the game.

The first time that I had ever seen a player ejected from a game. The opposing team's girl slid into second and did a pop-up slide and on her way up, gave Mariah, what the umpire called "a deliberate elbow thrust," and was ejected.

Saw two outfielders head butt, several through-the-legs balls, throwing errors, strikeouts, well...it was just a bad game!

One thing that wasn't cool with the fans, was that Scripps was up 11-0 in the top of the 7th inning (final) and they were still trying to steal bases, and get more runs. They tried to steal several times and Mariah and Kylie kept them back. On the third attempt, they turned a double play on the double steal attempt.