Snapple Real Fact #28

Chewing gum while peeling onions will prevent you from crying

Okay any of you cooks out there, have you tried this?


Anonymous said...

oh yeah.. i'll give it a whirl next weekend!

Sam said...

As long as you don't blame me if you start crying! :)

josey said...

i havent personally tried this one, but i've heard something about holding a piece of bread in your mouth when you do it? LOL. heard of that one?

but i DO know how to get the onion smell off your hands! (same with garlic...)

just take a stainless steel knife and hold it under the running faucet, and let the water that runs off the blade go onto your stinky hands...presto! no more onion/garlic hands :D

has something to do with the chemical reaction...i learned it from a chef!

Sam said...

That's interesting. I wouldn't think that would do that.