A Letter to Santa

Do you remember when parents took their kids to stand in line and see the big ol' fat Santa? They listen to their little boy or girl tell Santa about everything they wanted?

Later, you were able to write a letter and mail it to Santa to give him your gift ideas. Of course, Santa is up with the times so he started taking e-mails.

This year he went all out and hired some new IT guys so he now has IM and Chat capabilities. His hybrid eco-friendly (reindeer poop is re-cycled to power) sled is equipped with Long-range wireless, and his LCD monitors installed by PIMP MY RIDE show constant stock levels of all toys so if he needs to stop off and re-load he can.

GPS routes are planned based on the "naughty and nice" lists and avoid delay areas such as those pesky airports. The new system will cut down on time, and a new "cookie suction device" will go down the chimney so that the fat boy doesn't have to try and squeeze in.

Santa isn't outsourcing his duties so all is well! Are you ready for Christmas?


deafknee said...

i am so not ready.

Sam said...

At least you have several weeks left!

Kendra said...

i've been waiting for christmas since halloween!!!

Sam said...

I bet you put up your Christmas lights already, huh?