Chargers Lose to Vikings


The San Diego Chargers got blown out. I had predicted Chargers 28, Viking 27 but I didn't get to see the game anyway since I was up in Cerritos in a softball tournament.

The interesting news to me was the rookie Adrian Peterson of the Vikings out performed L.T. and set an NFL single game rushing record of 296 yards! He kicked some major booty, huh?

I didn't record the Patriot versus Colt game because it really wouldn't be any fun to watch since by the time I got home I would know the score. Parents were watching the girls play softball today and then giving out football scores to the rest of the dads.

I had selected the Colts to win but lost on this game also. Bummer.

Do you think the Patriots will go undefeated this season (19-0)?

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