Press Here to Operate

Press the correct button This is the door (click photo to see) to the "dungeon," basically the computer room. We have so many problems with this very simple door. It's a sliding door that used to be activated by your badge, but now it opens from the outside by pressure plate.

The going out side doesn't open by pressure,but requires that the big silver button be pressed. People still don't get it. They press on the emergency bar and set off the alarm. THE DOOR DOESN'T SWING OUT.

So, we put up a few signs. Can you see them? Hmmm. I guess not because people still mess up or run into the door. Okay, they read the signs - "Press the button." BUT, there just happens to be an emergency Halon Abort button two inches from the open the door button, to put out fires near computers. Lights flash and someone needs to run and de-activate the alarm before we all get sprayed. Hey, I wonder what happened to the floor sucker upper thing that's missing from the hanger there.

Don't forget the hotline phone there to let the person on the other side know that you were a dork and set off the alarms. Hmmm, and then there's that fire alarm right next to those two other buttons. Tempting isn't it?

59 minutes granted today. Go home early! :)

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Kendra said...

yes, definitely need more signage!