Weekly Status Reports

Tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. is my weekly status report. We don't do them on Monday, or Friday because that's when most people take their RDO (regular day off).

My customer wants to know where along in the project I am. Fair enough, but it seems like the task is huge, and you really can't see much. Before (years ago), I used to put down, "Lines of code written: 2,000. Documentation: 40 Pages, etc..." But now it seems a little harder since my project depends on other peoples output so that I can process it. This lead me on a weird tangent when I was writing in my project log...Can you imagine a Marriage/Relationship Weekly Status Report?

A couple would get together and tell each other the things that came up during the week that bothered them or went well, and what they wished to accomplish by the next week, what to work on, etc...weird huh?

You think that would help/hinder a relationship?

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