Cheesecake Factory

Chocolate Sundaes

My friends and I had been planning on going to the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate our combined birthday's but one celebrated with the wife, so he bailed on our invite, and another just couldn't make it.

Before we ordered, I had mentioned to the server that we had come to celebrate our birthday. She had that "yeah right!" look on her face and proceeded to take our order. It was Tuesday so it wasn't crowded and our order arrived really quick! Yummy.

After the meal, our server asked about dessert and of course we were stuffed. My friend and I were surprised that they didn't bring out the little sliver of cheesecake. But, a second later along with my credit receipt came these two ice cream and chocolate sundaes! :) Three severs sang their version of "happy birthday" for us, and I accidentally blew out the other candle too. Uh, what is the penalty for that?


Kendra said...

happy belated birthday blogging friend!

Sam said...

Thank You, Blogger Buddy! :)

deafknee said...

i so want to go to the cheesecake factory!!!