Fish Tacos

My friend and I didn't go to Monday Night Football because of softball practice so we scheduled something for tonight. I got gas at Costco ($3.129)and went inside to read some books while I was waiting.

I saw a girl that looked very familiar but I saw her name and it didn't match what I remembered. I thought she had given me a fake name the first time we met. Just then she saw me and said, "I know you!" It clicked just then. "The gym...I talked to you while I was waiting for a racquetball court." I asked her if she was wearing someone else's badge. Everything made sense after she explained. My friend called and I was off to Rubio's

Rubio's was busy especially on $1.00 Fish Taco Day. We found a table in the back and he mentioned a new restaurant that opened. His daughter plays softball too so we talked a little about that but mostly what things were going on in our lives...The wife gets him out of the house for even a couple of hours and she's happy. LOL

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