Softball in Cerritos

We were supposed to be playing a tournament in Riverside but for what ever reason we ended playing at a high school in Cerritos. Only two fields for the tournament but that worked out okay. Both our 14 & Under teams were there (Black and Red). Pretty soon the final cuts will be done and we'll be down to one team. It will be at this point that they get their real uniforms instead of T-shirts.

One funny part to me at least was Heather playing on our Red team and then before they could finish the "Good Game, Good Game, etc..." after the game, rushed over to the other field just in time to be lead off batter for our Black team.

I didn't order any of the spirit stuff but I'm just going to go out and buy a thick black sweatshirt. Some people asked why I didn't bring the camera to shoot game photos; no response other than to sit back in my $10 Costco chair, smile, and enjoyed the games. I think that said it all! :)

As is our little tradition, we stopped off at Wendy's to get her usual: 3 orders of chicken pieces, and a medium frosty.

Do you do something that people take for granted?

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