Early New Year's Resolution

Instead of waiting until the new year to start, I started today! I woke up this morning and said, "I haven't gone running a while!" but knew that I wasn't just going to do my five miles and not feel some kind of complaining from my legs and lungs, so I just walked the route for now. The goal is to do 5 times a week, not necessarily 5 days. I should be able to run at least the non-buttbuster hilly areas by the 1st.

So far, so good. The only thing I missed was the music on the route, so I'm shopping for an mp3 player. You notice I didn't say iPod? I was looking at the Creative Zen because it has the FM radio also, but I'd like the iPod nano to use the Nike Running adaptor thing. Hmmm, I might get the black iPod Classic 160gb.

As an additional motivator, I'm putting it down here when I do these so my friends can pick on me when I don't. :)


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