Bathroom Breaks

Toilet Stall

Have you noticed that people are possessive of their department bathrooms? You see a stranger using your bathroom and the only reason is because they don't want to stink up their bathroom in their area. Of course, they try to act all sly and all, but we know what's going on!

People look for the most secluded restroom, and of course it's usually a guy since women will generally wait till they get home. If someone is in the restroom as you walk in, they flush, cough, ruffle the newspaper, mask any incriminating sounds and want you to leave really quick so they can continue their business!

Who knows what I'm talking about?


Smirking Cat said...

I don't work for a big enough company to have department bathrooms, but I used to, and this post made me laugh because everyone seemed to compete for that one really big stall with its own sink, like it was the super-deluxe luxury restroom suite with satin toilet paper and manicure service. Aren't people funny creatures?

Sam said...

Or people want the handicap stall! LOL