10-year-old Girl Faces Felony Charges

A girl at a school in Marion County was arrested on Thursday when she was caught using a knife that she brought in from home to cut her food. The elementary school student was charged with possession of a weapon on the school campus, a felony.

School officials took the knife away after confronting her and she admitted that she had brought the knife to school on more than one occasion. Sheriff deputies were called, and they knew the "ZERO TOLERANCE" law, so they arrested her. She was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC). Now it's in the hands of the prosecutor to see how to handle this.

We all know the context in which this "Zero Tolerence" law was written. We know why, and under which circumstance this applies. But, not using your common sense/reasoning/thinking abilities in situations like this shows people have ZERO going on in their brain. I'm referring to punishment. No knives is a good idea, but don't put her away for years.

This is obvisously a no-charge case. But, will the district attorney's office say, "It's the law. It's written in black and white - it's a felony. Lock her up! Throw the book at her!"

What do you think?

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