Mow the Lawn

I looked at the lawn this morning. During this time of year it doesn't grow as fast but needed some attention. There were some leaves and then all of a sudden a hear a thud. A giant mound of dog poo. I don't know what hit me first: the sight of it or the whiff after I ran the mower over it!?

Ugh. I went to get the hose, when I noticed that a swarm of pickups came by and parked helping someone move in. I walked up to the people and asked, "New neighbors?" The lady said, that the person they were helping was a victim of the fires and the were moving them in.

I turned around, and then I heard someone yell, "Ewwww. Someone got dog poo all over the carpet!!!" I instantly looked over to where the poo was. It was gone! I nonchalantly just walked over back to my lawn ... whistling of course. :)

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