Questions for Bloggers/Visitors

Questions for the bloggers/visitors:

  • When you visit a blog, do you leave a comment because you feel you should or do you just lurk?
  • Do you list every blog on your blog roll? Or feel that you have to if they did yours?
  • Do you get upset if you post and see a big fat ZERO for comments?
  • Have you disabled comments in frustration because you get no comments?
  • Are you the type that posts a comment on everyone just to be the first?
  • Do you stick to one topic or go all over the place?
  • Is your blog for making money or just to vent, speak what's on your mind?
  • Did you find my blog by chance by clicking on the NEXT button link?
  • Do you read comments just to see who is posting comments?
  • How many times a day to do check your stats?
  • Do you get mad if you leave a comment and they don't respond on theirs or yours?
  • Do you wish some visitors would stop visiting?
  • What do you think of all the "meme?"
  • How about all the awards?
  • How many stalkers do you have?
  • Is your blog private/hidden?
  • Comment limited to team members/invited members?
  • Are you anonymous and post stuff you don't want anyone to know in real life?
  • Blog at work?
  • Addicted to blogging?
  • Feel blogging is a chore, more than fun?
  • Spy on your ex?
  • Wish you lived someone else's life?
  • Make up stuff because you don't have anything to write?
  • Do you ignore people's comments or delete them
  • Leave comments just to increase traffic to your site?
  • Don't have anything to write about?
  • Wonder why you read my cheesy blog?

  • What did I leave out?


    Mary Anne said...

    bored. and because you look at my blog so i guess it's a fair exchange.

    Smirking Cat said...

    I don't leave comments if I honestly don't have anything to say or don't feel like any post is worth commenting on (so don't you feel all flattered now! Ha.) I forget how I found your blog; I think I clicked on one the Interests listed in my own profile, and got a list of other bloggers who listed the same thing (I believe the interest was "blogging", and I wanted to see how many other bloggers are smartass enough to put that as an interest). I have at least one stalker, but I know who it is so the whole thing is rather lame. I don't get mad if someone I've commented on doesn't leave one on mine, mostly because I don't even remember everywhere I've left comments. The meme thing is a bit annoying if a blog is full of them. I'm not addicted to blogging but do find it fun and enjoyable, and I like seeing what other people choose to write about!

    Anonymous said...

    Cause you told me about it!
    Write something interesting wudjya!? STALKERS FTW! Hehe...

    Sam said...

    Mary Anne: Post something will ya!

    S.C: Dang woman. I didn't thinnk you would answer all the questions!

    Anon: My life...boring huh? LOL...If you only knew.