Is France a Country?

Come on...tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...

no France isn't a country...EUROPE is! LOL bwa ha ha...where did they get this girl??????

josey said...

ahhhh kellie pickler...:):)

being the huge american idol fan i am, i've seen her antics from the beginning. hehe! and ya know, the funny thing is that sadly there's a lot of, uh, "good foaks" like her in our wonderfully educated country! she's just the poor sap who got to show it off on national tv. LOL!

ya know, she's definitely an air head when it comes to things most people know about, but i cant really, truly make fun of her cause she's such a sweet person, and has been through a lot in her life. i also think she's a little smarter than she lets on; but some of the more "worldly" things she doesnt seem to know about (minus the general geography lesson!) is simply because she grew up in a very small town, pretty sheltered. i understand that--i'm pretty naiive when it comes to some things, too.

but GUH geez...FRANCE? ROTFL. i CRACKED UP when she said, "i've heard of TIRkee..." hahaha, cute. oh and of course when her and jeff went at it about the male/female thing. LOL!

whoa, did i write that much about kellie pickler? LOL!!! oops ;)

what do you think, sam?? :)

Sam said...

jyankee: The country of Europe! Sounds like a super power in the making.

Josey: I think the should have her on Leno and ask her current events questions. I'd love to her answers!