Christmas Potluck

Christmas Potluck

The new girl and I parked at the same time. I was finishing up listening to war of the roses on the radio. She had just gotten out of her car and I saw a huge grin on her face. I said, "I know why you're happy. Because now you have someone to help you bring in some of that food!" She laughed and admitted that I was right.

I took the monster bag of bread from her and she invited me to go. I told her that I wasn't invited plus I didn't bring anything. She asked me to go anyway and just say that I brought the bread!

Today is "nacho supreme day" and I passed on the potluck invitation. Esther told me that she had saved some just for me. After eating by my lonesome, I made an appearance to just say "hi" to everyone. Then I hear a simultaneous, "OMG, it's Sam...hurry close the doors, hide the food! Just kidding [laughter] We love you, Sam." A group of people said that I was fun to pick on. Heheh, don't be surprised when I pull a prank on you while you're at the luncheon. :)

I only stayed long enough to get the picture and left...Now, I hear the bands warming up on the Midway outside. The Holiday Parade soon - it's that time of year.

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